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What is Computer Monitoring Software?

The computer Monitoring software gets full inside information of employee activity in organization.

It has become increasingly important for businesses to monitor the use of their computer systems to recognize and control employee activity and improve the employee productivity.

PC Monitoring is not only to ensure that employees are using their devices for work-related tasks or not, but also to protect against data breaches and other security risks.

PC monitoring means the practice of tracking computer usage in order to identify potential issues and minimize the risk.

It identifies underperforming employees and keeps in-office and remote employee engagement and makes them productive and secure.

Key Features of Stats Computer Monitoring Software

Top Application Usage

Work Time Tracking

Computer Monitoring software tracks your remote and in-office employees working time from during office time and generate time sheet. When the employee login into the system Time tracking actually started and stop when he finally shut down the system. Additionally it tarcks employees acive and idle time during working hours and total beraks he or she tooks within office worktime. Then you can find whose wasting unnecessory time.

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Tracks Work Activity

It Tracks the full-day activity of an employee with a time stamp which time he starts work, in which time period he works actively and which time he took a break, and when he stops work. It also tracks team activity. All the above data it presents in graphical form on the screen, you have to just select a date range and click on “Activity Card” It will represent the graph of employee or team activity that you select.

Top Application Usage

Top Application Usage

Employers can see the applications and website that employees use on their devices with the time stamp in order to ensure that they are using the approved application. The employer can see an individual, team, or organization visited the application there are several filters available, and can check up to 2 years’ history. You have to select the filter and click on “Top Application Card” card will pop up.

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Top Website Usage

Employers can see the websites that employees use on their devices with the time stamp in order to ensure that they are using approved software. Employers can see individual, team, and organization visited websites, and there are 12 filters available and can check up to 2 years' history, You have to select the filter and click on “Top Websites Card” card will pop up.

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Live Screen View

Computer monitoring takes a screenshot of an employee screen, you have to set a time interval in the setting option it takes snaps and stored them on the server. This records the activity on an employee's computer screen in order to identify potential security risks and monitor productivity. Managers can check activity in screenshots with the playback option.

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Screen Video Recording & Playback

Employee Computer monitoring software records employee video of the employee screen and it has a playback option. These features identify security risks and monitor the effectiveness and productivity of an employee. Video recording also helps the manager to understand the work pattern of productive employees and mistakes of nonproductive employees.

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Automatic Attendance Monitoring

Automatic attendance features Track the "In and out" timing of the employees but the fact is when an employee login into the system for work that time his actual login time starts and at last, when he shut down his computer is considered as works stop. It tracks present and absent days and leaves of employees automatically. This type of PC monitoring software helps HR in the payroll process.

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Idle timeout Alert

This kind of monitoring ensures the employee working actively if an employee is found idle that means not doing any activity on the computer monitoring software sends an idle alert message to an employee and his particular manager. Managers or observers can set idle time limit manually and then it sends an alert message when not happened any event on the employee system is for a selected time.

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Event Counting

This feature counts the keys pressed by employee types on the keyboard and mouse clicks employee’s type on keyboard or click on mouse to identify the activeness and productivity of an employee. If we found very less or very hugne events count of specific employee it means you have carefully track him. This feature helps to find the active and idle employee and help to idle alert features to generate an idle alert.

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Face Photo Verifications

To confirm whether the allotted devices are used by the employees these features help to capture Faces through a webcam to avoid the proxy of the employee. This feature is totally optional you can enable it for remote employees and disable it for office employees it depends on employer choice and requirements.We suggest that when you're employee working from home you have to enable this face capture feature.

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Live Status Overview

Live status is an attractive feature, on the dashboard of Computer Monitoring software Live status option is available once you click there it will show every employee's live status in various colors of squares. Square colors are categorized as Active, Idle, Absent, Present, employee on nonproductive sites and apps, and employees on Productive sites and apps, away, etc.

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Customized Setting

Stats Computer Monitoring Software enables the manager or observer to change settings by searching employee ID or employee name no need to go every time in the backend. PC Monitoring software support all types of Operating System like Mac, Linux, Windows version, Cloud Based solutions are also available in PC Monitoring Software which transfers data with advanced encryption techniques and store data on a secure server.

Note: Microsoft dropped the support for Windows XP and Windows Vista, and Windows 7 that’s why Computer Monitoring Software support Wnidows8, Windows 10, Windows 11 and above versions.
In addition to security concerns, PC monitoring can also help businesses improve employee productivity. By monitoring computer usage, employers can identify areas where employees are spending too much time on non-work-related tasks and take steps to address these issues.This can be increased productivity and improve efficiency.

Best Practices for Computer Monitoring

Without monitoring, organizations are more vulnerable to security breaches and unauthorized access. Malicious internal or external threats can take advantage of vulnerabilities in systems, compromise sensitive data, or gain unauthorized access to confidential information

1. Communicate Policies

It is important for businesses to clearly communicate their PC monitoring policies to employees in order to ensure that they understands, why monitoring is necessary and what is being monitored.

2. Obtain Consent

In order to ensure that system monitoring is conducted ethically; businesses should obtain employee consent and makepolicy on paper before implementing monitoring policies.

3. Use Advanced Monitoring Software

Using monitoring software can help businesses automate the monitoring process and ensure that all activity is captured.

4. Selective Monitor

Businesses should only monitor the activities that are necessary in order to protect against security risks and improve productivity.

5. Safeguard Data

While monitoring is necessary, it is important for businesses to protect employee privacy by limiting access to the data that is collected.

Legal Implications of Computer Monitoring

  • While Computer monitoring can be a useful tool for businesses, it is important to understand the legal implications of monitoring employee computer usage.

  • In many countries, there are laws and regulations that govern the use of monitoring software, and failure to comply with these regulations can result in legal consequences.

  • In the United States, for example, employers must comply with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), which regulates the interception of electronic communications.

  • Under the ECPA, employers are generally prohibited from intercepting or monitoring electronic communications, including email and instant messages, unless the employee consents or the interception is necessary for a legitimate business purpose.

  • Similarly, in the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulates the collection, storage, and processing of personal data. Under the GDPR, employers must obtain employee consent before collecting and processing personal data, including data collected through monitoring software.
  • Frequently Asked Queries by the People.

    Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ on computer monitoring! In this guide, we will explore the intricacies of computer monitoring, its purposes, methods, legal aspects, and privacy concerns. Whether you're an employer looking to monitor employee activities, a parent concerned about your child's online safety, or simply curious about the world of computer monitoring, we've got you covered.

    Q 1.What is Computer Monitoring?

    Computer monitoring refers to the practice of monitoring computer usage by businesses, organizations, individuals, and employees. It is becoming increasingly important in the digital age to track and monitor computer usage to ensure the work efficiency, safety and security of data and networks.

    Q 3.What is the monitoring software of a PC or computer?

    Monitoring software can be reported only on the processes and resources of that computer. It is also possible to get a networked computer monitor that can monitor all the computers of the organization. This type of software is useful for businesses that cannot rely on users to check monitoring software loaded on the device.

    Q 5. Does the software track activity Apps and websites when I’m not working?

    Yes, if you are present for the day and logged in to your PC. No, If you are absent or your office time is over.

    Q 7. Is video monitoring systems legal in the workplace?

    Yes, In India, employers are generally allowed to deploy video monitoring software at specific workplaces such as entry and exit areas, Workplace areas, parking lots, manufacturing areas, cash counters, and server rooms. It is prohibited in restrooms and Lockers.

    Q 9. What kind of information can be monitored by employee Computer monitoring software?

    Employee Computer monitoring software can monitor a wide range of computer activities, including websites visited, key press and mouse click, applications used, files downloaded or uploaded, emails sent or received, instant messages, and even screenshots of the employee's system screen.

    Q 11. How to Announce Employee monitoring in organization?

    We recommend that you announce this news personally instead of using an email. Take a company-wide meeting. Explain to them why you decided to implement this software and tell them how it is in the favor of all employees as well as the organization.

    Q 13.Is Computer Monitoring Software safe??

    Stats Employee monitoring software is very secure because it stores all of its data on its secure cloud. In this industry, the protection of information is a crucial factor.

    Q 2. Why Computer Monitoring is Important?

    There are several reasons why PC monitoring is important. First and foremost, it helps businesses protect their data. By monitoring computer usage, companies can identify potential security risks and take steps to prevent data breaches. This includes such things as monitoring for unauthorized access to sensitive information, tracking the use of USB drives and other external devices, and monitoring network activity for potential threats.

    Q 4.Is the cloud-based PC monitor system safe?

    : The monitoring system designed to enable remote monitoring has encryption protection created so that the data traveling on the internet between sites is secure. Therefore, as long as you protect access to the console of the system with credentials, these cloud monitoring tools are safe to use.

    Q 6. How you know employee Computer Monitoring installed in my system?

    To detect our Stats employee monitoring software there is a HOT key you have to press a combination of these keys” Ctrl” +” Alt” + “Shift” + “l” then a small window will appear on the screen.

    Q 8. Is Employee monitoring policy mandatory?

    :Yes, It is mandatory for every organization in India. It is recommended that the employer should include Employee System Monitoring in Privacy Policy or in an employment agreement. The policy should declare which kind of data collection and monitoring.

    Q 10. Is there professional lawyers’ advice on computer monitoring?

    :Yes, Lawyers give advice for PC Monitoring but they must be familiar with state and federal laws on monitoring. However, lawyers suggested that clear policies be set to indicate which metrics will be monitored, and how the staff monitoring software will work. The consent of the employees is also required. According to Section 43A of the IT Act, which governs data privacy and protection, states that companies must adopt appropriate security methods while handling sensitive personal data or information (SDPI).

    Q 12. What Is Remote Employee Computer Monitoring?

    Remote employee monitoring is regular staff tracking for a remote team. Most of the staff monitoring software that you can use for office staff can also be used for remote teams. However, in this case, you will not be able to track them in stealth mode and you must look at their country's laws to make sure you are monitoring them in a legal way.

    In today's digital age, monitoring is an essential practice for businesses that want to protect their data and improve productivity. By implementing best practices and using the right tools, businesses can ensure that their monitoring policies are effective, ethical, and respectful of employee privacy.

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