"Live Screen of Employee Monitoring Software For Small Businesses to Enterprises"

The Live Employee PC Screen Monitoring Software

For every businesses to check the allocated task to employee "Live Employee PC Screen Streaming" is helps to monitor the employees work style and the strong skill of employees for future project allocation. It also helps if employee did the mistake while working so employees manager can helps to employee to rectify his mistakes.
When we monitor the employees live screen that time the employee is not aware and we do not need any concent to monitor there screen. Also it only monitors witi=hin the work shift as per settings.

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Live Screen Monitoring Solution


For businesses to ensure the employees working status on allocated task, live screen streaming without employee intervention helps employer to confirm the status of working employee on the given task.

  • See the live screen of employee from anywhere
  • Employee does not know while monitoring his or her screen
  • Only allow in working timing
  • Maximize to get 100% clarity
  • Monitor multiple employees live screen

The Live Screen Streaming Card


We have the card for each feature, before clicking over the feature card, an observer should need to select the specific employee from the organization structure. After selecting the employees and confirming them, from the task bar of the workboard, select the specific employee for whose screen will be monitored then click over the live screen card.

  • Select Organization Structure
  • Reset the tree
  • Select the required employee and close the orgnization structure
  • From task bar of work-board select the employee
  • Click on the "Live Screen Monitoring" Card

Select Single Employee With Multiple Observers account


A smartly designed program does not consume the employee's data bandwidth even when multiple observers can monitor the single employee.

  • Monitor single employee with multiple observer
  • No load on employees PC data bandwidth
  • Multiple Employee PC live screen monitoring
  • Card drag over the work-board
  • Live screen maximize for clarity

What more we should monitor?

The availble selections to get more insights of whole organization, with combination or single selection of filter you can get more deep insight and analyze. The available filters are Department, Team, Location, Role, Gender, Name, Employee ID, Experiance, Gender, Age, Project, Basic.

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The cloud based pricing plan for enterprises

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  • Free 15 days trial
  • Unlimited employees
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For Observers


Per Year Per Observer

  • Monitor the assigned team
  • See Live Employee Screen
  • See Screenshots Playback
  • Set the idle alerts
  • Set the shift
  • Set the week-off
  • Monitoring from any device
  • Check all available features
  • No access for other team

Data security is our main priority

For enterprises we recommend to use your own IT infrastructire by taking our On-premises solution. Enterprise can apply own data security policies for the on-premises solution and ensures your all data security.

Do you want to book a demo?

Demo helps to know overall available features and our unique design of the user interface as we have "Work-Board" instead of dashboard to avoid the complexity during the accessing the software.

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