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What is the Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software is an application that helps companies to supervise the activities that are performed on a personal or employee computer. This software is meant for corporate and for people who love keeping their laptops/computers safe.

For enterprise, from workboard of online employee productivity monitoring software portal, company head can monitor whole organization even their offices are in any country. Specific team manager / observer /Team leader can monitor only their team, other team can not be shown to specific team observer.

Using this software you can monitor your employees’ work done on Desktops or Laptops without employees' intervention. To know the past activity and get confirmation of work done by activity screen video recording.

Employee Monitoring Software is a solution for companies to know the employee's productivity, skill set, working style, and status of allocated projects or work.

For working from home and working from multiple office employees, "Employee Monitoring Software" has a wide range of use in professional and personal life. You can train, coach, mentor, and monitor people personally but it is difficult and it demoralizes and kills creativity. So how do you monitor people when they are beyond your reach? This can be done by using Computer Monitoring Software that works for you in stealth mode and is invisible to the user.

The modern employee monitoring tool for modern businesses

The unique feature of Employee Monitoring Software is Workboard, Organization structure, organization tree, Live Screen Streaming, Screen Video Recording with high compression rate, intuitive productivity reports & idle time alerts to Employee, Observer & employer.
Keeping in mind to serve the desired solution to enterprises, this solution is specially designed to fulfill the big enterprise's requirement, because the other available solution not satisfied the big enterprise which pain point overcome by us and this is our value proposition.

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Key Features of Online Employee Monitoring Software

Live streaming of screen

Without employee intervention, superuser and observer can monitor employee live screen at a time without impacting of operation speed on employee PC. This feature helps employer to know employee skill set. For Quality this feature helps to every organization to ensure the employee work quality.

Idle alerts

This powerful features is fully configurable. Once set the idle alerts settings it will gives alerts to respective observer of particular employee. It shows idle alarm to employee only if set for employee else not shows alerts to employee, observer and superuser as per specified configured time.

Screenshots Playback

A fully configurable feature that you can enable or disable as per choice with time intervals. The screenshots observe with playback option where timestamp helps to understand that what time employees did the allocated work.This feature helps to check the quality of work done in the past.

Active & Idle Time

Active and idle time summary display for individual, team, department, location etc.This helps the observer to know the average active time of employees and take the necessary action to improve the active time which ultimately improves productivity.

Used Apps Details

All the used applications' names are available in this feature with time spent on it. This will gives a clear picture of the most used applications within the organization. By observing the same we can categorize productive, non-productive, and neutral.

Accessed URL / Website

This is very important to know which URLs/Websites are accessed within the organization. We can find out the frequently accessed URLs and categorize them into productive, non-productive, and neutral to get a perfect productivity report.

Team Shift Settings

Shift timing allows to the record of the data within the shift time window, all activity of employees within shift time is recorded by this feature. Whereas before or after shift time activity does not recorded by the software.

Productivity Reports

Overall productivity measurement is very important for the company. The productivity report can enable or disable for employees, managers, and superuser. This report tells the employee's productivity in an easy way with all the required details.

Screen Video Recording

All the past activity done on a laptop or desktop is recorded and the observer can see when needed for quality check and to know the skill set of employees. This is a great feature where all activity done by employees on a computer screen is available for Monitoring purposes.

Select the suitable plan

The below prices are for an on-premise solution. Start with free 15 days trial "No Credit Card" is required for signup. Book a free demo to know all available features and ask about your preferences.

Basic Plan


Per Month Per Employee Charged Annually

  • Live status of All Employees
  • Productivity Report Via e-mail
  • Productivity Report in Excel
  • Tabular Analytic Report
  • Screenshots with playback
  • Employee Face Capturing
  • Activity Graph
  • Idle Employee Alerts
  • Active & Idle Time Report
  • Time Sheet With Events
  • Accessed Apps Report
  • Visited URL Report
  • Shift & Week-off Settings
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Rs. 149 INR /Employee/Month
  • Rs.899INR or $15 /Observer/Month
  • Free Demo & 15 Days Trial
  • Cloud & On-premise Solution

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Advance Plan


Per Month Per Employee Charged Annually

  • Employee Screen Video Recording
  • Employee Live Screen Streaming
  • Live status of All Employees
  • Productivity Report Via e-mail
  • Productivity Report in Excel
  • Tabular Analytic Report
  • Screenshots with playback
  • Employee Face Capturing
  • Activity Graph
  • Idle Employee Alerts
  • Active & Idle Time Report
  • Time Sheet With Events
  • Accessed Apps Report
  • Visited URL Report
  • Shift & Week-off Settings
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Rs. 599 INR /Employee/Month
  • Rs.899INR or $15 /Observer/Month
  • Free Demo & 15 Days Trial
  • Cloud Solution

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Let’s now discuss why the employee pc monitoring software is important at home and in the office:


At home (Personal Use):

Safeguarding your computer from any harmful viruses would be your first requirement when you think of your personal computer but if you are a parent your child safety is the first priority. Digitization has simplified the world for us but has created multiple troubles as well. As everything else digitization has its own pros and cons and to understand the cons you need to be a certain age and have the maturity to recognize and understand it.
The flip side of this technology being omnipotent is that parents barely understand it and are unable to monitor, guide and help their kids, hence, leaving the channel of the unsafe world open for them. The cases of child abduction by using information through social sites, child abuse on internet, blackmailing etc are increasing day by day and the cybercrime department has shown their concern on the same.

At office (Professional Use):


Productivity is a term for the ability to do a task or work which is assigned to an employee by the project manager or their owner In other words the time taken by the employee to complete the task which is assigned by the manager. Where working analysis is keeping track of the work of employees check their capability to complete the given task on or before the time. They also track how much work is done and how much is pending. They also observe the employee’s working hours or how much spend on work through the working days It is how much is present on working days and not while they on remote working conditions during outstation or client meetings they also track the in and out timings of each employee in the office.

We discuss a lot of productivity and working analysis of the employee data, but one question is how genuine is our data? How can keep ourselves uninfluenced by favouritisms? How do we take unbiased decisions on appraisals or promotions? We provide a one-stop solution that could help to eliminate all these problems in offices caused by manual mistakes.

Employee Monitoring Software can be used as office monitoring to help those who make decisions and are not able to closely monitor each employee in the office. It provides the best tool for employee satisfaction and productivity enhancement in the organization. They also monitor the screen and their work in the office by checking random screenshots of the employee’s desktop if they are present. Remotely, they can also check and take webcam snapshots from their PC or laptops to check or track where the employee is working or not or any else can handle their systems.

Now, let us we talk about how it works and helps to achieve employee satisfaction and improve productivity. As simple as giving them an appreciation for their hard work and encouraging them helps to keep an eye on employee work and get work done on time. Also, keep track of what they do on the computer screen during office time. This helps to maintain office discipline and helps to improve productivity. We also take small rewards in the office which enhance the productivity of the employee and help to fast completion of the work and assigned task in the intended time or before which motivates and improves the productivity of the company. Also should cheer and celebrates the success and fest which is a good and cheering environment in the office or organizational staff.

Why should we use PC Monitoring Software?


It’s easy:

How many people understand various parental controls that are available in different browsers and how many people find it convenient to go from one link to another to apply a simple change in the setting Yes, no one likes complicated ways of doing a task. Computer Monitoring software offers simplification by reducing the number of steps that you need to follow along with multiple features. The software is easy to understand and defined in the easiest way possible.

It makes your world safer


At Home:

If you are parents, the first concern for you is your child’s safety, it’s about their safety while playing, when with friends, when at school and at home. But in the 21st century there is more to be concerned about when it comes to protecting your kids and this concern comes with the shift from playground time to digital time. Before this era, a child’s major time was spent on outdoor sports with friend(s) and the second major activity was watching some TV shows. Now-a-days time distribution has changed for kids, its 50% online, 30% offline, 10% sports and 10% studies. These days it has become nearly mandatory to have computer monitoring software at home. Other than monitoring, the software also helps you understand your kids better and know their area of interest. Monitoring software helps you know what your kids are watching online, what attracts them basis which you can guide them in their life. This monitoring software helps you come close to their social networking groups and know about the content they are sharing online and the groups they are a part of. This way you can foresee any danger that’s coming their way.


In the office:

There is hardly any office without a system these days. The shift from manual to digital has been contagious and has now become a necessity. In such a place a computer monitoring software or employee computer monitoring software is a must. Employee monitoring has its own advantages and disadvantages. Having an employee monitoring software in place may discourage employees and give them a feeling of mistrust and make them feel uncomfortable to work. On the other hand it makes it mandatory for the employees to be active at work and reduce idle time in office. They focus more on work and reduce their total time that’s spent on other unproductive work in the office.
The best way to not annoy your employees and keep them working is by having monitoring software that fits your requirement and runs invisibly. This eradicates any trust issues and you can tweak their work schedules after monitoring them.
Monitoring software gives you the liberty to look into employees work in detail and helps keep the data safe. Despite of having strict safety regulations at work there is an increase in the safety breach cases. According to RBS's analysis, hacking was the common reason for data breaches last year being responsible for 4,508 incidents. This was followed by skimming (453), Web-related leaks (268), phishing (177) and malware (160).



Discipline is an important aspect in both professional and personal life. You must be confused thinking about how a monitoring software can bring discipline in people’s life? It certainly can! By using monitoring software you can understand work behaviours of people at home or at work and apply necessary restrictions, if required.
It’s a good way to monitor kid’s time on computer and discipline them on what they are allowed to watch and for how long. It provides you with a platform to connect with your kids by understanding them better and nurturing their skills.



With employee monitoring software at work, you can see multiple computers at the same time and monitor activities like data sharing/data transfer and other activities like messaging, social media usage and internal communications. Monitoring software gives you the liberty to monitor all computers using your computer and apply restrictions on individual Computer using the monitoring software.



Thank god it’s not manual. With the monitoring software you don’t have to worry about switching it on and off. There is always a possibility of human error at work or at home, but when it comes to errors at work it can mean losses. You can rely on Monitoring Software to give you a detailed end to end report of employee activities from the moment their system is turned on till the time they shut it down. You can use this information to take decision on any such losses causing mistakes.

On-Premises Best Employee Monitoring Software Solution


For the enterprises we provide the on-premises solution upon the basis on IT infrastructure. The all expenses of IT insfrastructure should born by the enterprise. Once the all resources is provided per the requirement we will deploy the solution.

  • Suitable for enterprises
  • Cost effective solution
  • Use internal security

Data security


The all security of the on-premises server defined by the organization. Hense security is in controlled by the own company.

  • Implement security
  • Choises to select
  • Full control over data

Not accessible to outsider


As the all data resided in the premises server, the data can not be sent outside of the company. The employees who is outside company netwrok they can connect with VPN or using similar technology.

  • Data sefety
  • Allow the user
  • Restrict the user

Secure Employee data in server

All employees data encripted using the SSL encryption technic and transfer to the on-premise server. The other server add-on security enhances the overall data security of organization. Most of enterprises already implemented the server security solution hense overall cost for securuing servers are saved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1.Why is an employee monitoring software required?

Time tracking is extremely helpful when it comes to productivity management. For example, it can help you understand the most effective hours and by slightly changing the employee day schedule you can improve a lot on the average productivity front.

Q 3. How effective is an Employee Productivity Monitoring Software in risk management?

Wouldn’t you like to keep an eye on what’s going on. With the employee monitoring software you can avoid all risks associated with malicious or ignorant behaviour.

Q 5. Does it help when I am not in office?

Surely it does! It helps you understand what your employees are doing in your absence. Are they to be trusted when you’re not in the office or they have the tendency to sit back and relax or do something harmful. You can check all the data for the time you were not available in the office. It helps you know who are the sincere and productive employees.

Q 7. Does Employee PC Monitoring Software help in regulating safety measures

It does help you monitor and control any malicious or unsafe activity in office. It provides multiple features like email alerts, tracking a folder path, Snapshots of ALL activities done on the PC. Once you know which employee has the tendency to breach the safety regulations, you can restrict their access leaving them helpless and confused. You can also collect all data in case there is any legality involved.

Q 9. What am I getting with Employee PC Monitoring Software?

With Employee Monitoring Software you get: Employee PC tracking in stealth mode, Monitoring employees from your own PC, Live screen, Screenshots, (Future update: Recordsof all keystrokes, Clipboard of copy and paste activity, Records of all files created, renamed or deleted), Record of all websites visited, Idle time alerts for set timing, In & Out time Reports, Active & Idle time Report, Shift settings, Weekdays off settings.

Q 11. Do I have to install all updates?

No, Autoupdate features works whenever its available. We are working towards improving our software to provide you the best experience and that’s why it becomes important for all updates. It helps you to experience the software in entirety.

Q 13. I don’t see anything after installation, how to I access the software?

That’s what the software is meant for. It is in complete invisible mode till you use hot key and password to access the software. On using the hot key, the home screen will appear then enter the default password.

Q 15.How to monitor Employee from my PC Monitor?

Log on to the portal "https://beinghive.com/aff/vkcontrol" with user id and password and monitor the any employees from any where from any devise or from any OS (internet is must).

Q 2. What are the charges of employee PC monitoring software? Is it available free of cost?

Yes, it is available free of cost but it is not free😊. You can download our 15 days trial version and after which you won’t regret spending 3199 + 18% GST for all the Employee monitoring features that you will acquire.

Q 4. Is it good to have employee PC monitoring software? Knowing that this will prove mistrust towards employees?

It’s good to trust your employees but never over trust, it’s always good to verify! Your simple and effective measure strengthens the discipline of workers. The best part is that there is now a monitoring system in market that operates in completely invisible mode and the employee has NO knowledge about the software being auto run in the backend when they turn their PC/Laptop on. This helps you avoid giving explanations to the employee about a monitoring software being installed in their systems.

Q 6. How does it help make unbiased decisions?

As it helps you understand which is the most productive and sincere lot of employees and who is the dark horse amongst all, you have a better chance at making rightful decisions – appraisals, awards and rewards can all be justified.

Q 8. Is it legal to use Employee PC Monitoring Software on employee’s PC?

Employers are allowed to monitor employee’s actions on a workplace PC or laptop. Technology exists for the employer to monitor almost any aspect of employee’s computer or workstation use.

Q 10. Is the license only valid for one user?

Yes, one license works for one user. In case you want to monitor 10 employees, you will need to buy 10 licenses.

Q 12. How do I get license key for Employee PC Monitoring Software?

After the 15 days free trial, in order to preserve your data and continue using the program a license key is needed. The license key can be ordered using the ‘Buy’ option in the home screen of the software or from our website Employee Monitoring page.

Q 14. How do I install this on my employees PC?

To install this software, you need to have the administrator privilege on the computer. Install this software on all the computers you want to monitor.

Right click on setup file and Run as administrator
Click on FORWARD button
Click on “I accept license agreement” and then forward button
Please wait till the installation is complete

Use your default hot key and password to open the employee monitoring software window (Note: The password is case sensitive)

Q 16. Is On-Premises Solution is available?

Yes, we provide on-premises solution but the cost of infrasructure and its setup should born buy the client. We will deploy and implement the our solution over your infrastructure.

For more than 1000 employee on-premise soulution is econonical and its cost effective.

Do you want to know more about On-premise solution?

Still have the doubts? If you have questions, doubts about the On-Premise solution feel free to write us or call us. We will 100% clarify the doubts.

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