"On-Premises Employee Monitoring Software"

On-Premises Employee Monitoring Solution


For the enterprises we provide the on-premises solution upon the basis on IT infrastructure. The all expenses of IT infrastructure should born by the enterprise. Once the all resources is provided per the requirement we will deploy the solution.

  • Suitable for enterprises
  • Cost effective solution
  • Use internal security

Data security


The all security of the on-premises server defined by the organization. Hence security is in controlled by the own company.

  • Implement security
  • Choices to select
  • Full control over data

No outside the Company


As the all data resided in the premises server, the data can not be sent outside of the company. The employees who is outside company network they can connect with VPN or using similar technology.

  • Data safety
  • Allow the user
  • Restrict the user

Secure Employee data in server

All employees data encrypted using the SSL encryption technique and transfer to the on-premise server. The other server add-on security enhances the overall data security of organization. Most of enterprises already implemented the server security solution hence overall cost for securing servers are saved.

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