"Employee PC Monitoring Software "

The tool to monitor working from home and office employees

A simple and easy offline Employee Monitoring Software suitable to monitor the employees from the same office which is connected in same network/LAN. This employee monitoring software provides very deep insights into employee work, which can monitor from any PC within the network. Best suitable for monitoring small team size e.g. up to 20 employees in same offices, for more than 20 employees it works but we recommend to go with Online Employee Monitoring Software.

NOTE: Online Employee Productivity Monitoring Software is also available.

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Features of Offline Employee PC Monitoring Software

Screenshot Recording Playback

It records the screenshot for each mouse click (right or left click) and you can see all screenshots using one-by-one selection or playback like a slide show. Even more, we can see app-wise screenshots using the un-group feature.

Keystroke logs

Every keypresses are recorded which you can see with the date and time, also in which app or site this keypresses is done displayed in the key-logs recorder view.

Face capture

Face of employee who is using the assigned assets is captured by the set interval of time, it ensures that the only the specific employee is using the assigned assets, if other than the specified employee is used the assets then we can easily recognize who used the given assets.


All copy, past, rename & delete of folder or file activities recording in this segment of feature. It helps to investigate to find out who did the activity with the data.

USB Blocking

USB port blocking features helps to prevent the data from viruses inserted from the external storage devises. When this feature is activated then user can not connect the flash drive or external hard drive or any external storage devises but for the same USB port is open to connect for mouse and keyboard for ideal operation.

URL / Website Blocking

Website or URL blocking features helps to restricted the unwanted site to explore from the assigned PC or laptop. We can block any site using "URL or Website Blocking" feature.

Double protection

Without HOT key the password prompt is not appeared, Once correct HOT key is enter then password prompt will get appeared and after entering the correct password user can get the access to see the employee PC software, so this double protection helps to restrict to other to monitor the employees. Only the authorize person have the right to monitor employees activity.


The software running in totally under stealth mode, it will start when PC starts and off when PC shut down. It will never shows in task manager or control panel or in program file, also it does not create any shortcut over desktop or not appeared in all programs.

Keywords Alerts

If we can set the sensitive keyword for specific employee and configured the e-mail, then when the same employee entered the restricted keywords then the observer can get the alert via e-mail.

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  • Free 15 days trial
  • Screenshots Recording
  • Keystroke Logs
  • Face capture
  • Clipboard
  • USB Blocking
  • URL Blocking
  • Double Protection
  • Invisible
  • Keyword alerts
  • Internet not required

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Lifetime Plan For Windows OS


Lifetime per Employee

  • For Lifetime Per License Per PC
  • Screenshots Recording
  • Keystroke Logs
  • Face capture
  • Clipboard
  • USB Blocking
  • URL Blocking
  • Double Protection
  • Invisible
  • Keyword alerts
  • Internet not required
  • Monitor from your own office PC*

On-Premises Offline Employee Monitoring Solution

Screenshots recording in offline monitoring software

For small offices, the offline software works like on-premises solution hence the data can not transfer out the company. This software is also useful for mid-side businesses who dont want to use online employee PC monitoring software.

  • Suitable for small businesses
  • Data security
  • No need of internet

Data security


The all data stored in local PC and local observer PC, so do not need to worried about data security. The Employee PC stored the data and the copy of the same data stored in observer PC whose PC is in same network.

  • Stored locally
  • No data transfer
  • Work within same network

Best for monitor past data


The offline software stored the data for selected days, so observer can check and explore the any employee past data and analys the employees work activity, it helps for checking quality of workdone and other internal assesment.

  • Past data analysis
  • Selection of period
  • To invstigate more

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