"Cloud Solution"

Cloud Base Employee Monitoring Solution


The Cloud Solution is best suitable for the small & mid size companies. Your data is stored in our secured cloud and we follow the strict data security policy. The data is also encrypted so the possibilities of data leak from cloud is not happened. Up to 1000 employee monitoring is cost effective if you will choose the cloud solution. For more than 1000 we suggest to go with on-premise solution.

  • Best solution for SMBs
  • Economical solution
  • Monitor team from anywhere

Data security of cloud


In the modern era of cloud and "gRPC" (gRPC Remote Procedure Calls) technique to transfer and communication of server to machine ensures the high data security concern. SSL certificates also added advantage to tighten the security.

  • Bidirectional encryption techniques
  • Advance data transfer methodology
  • Random data storage algorithm

Information To Concern Company


The all data stored in local machine and the agent will send data to server. Where server process the all data very intelligently using our intelligent code designed with cutting edge technologies. So the data of particular employee will only shows to the concern company super user and observers.

  • Employee data security
  • Company data security
  • No conflict on data

Security of Employee Information

Employee's personal data never transmitted to the cloud. The shift defines the data transmission to cloud server, also weekend defined the days when no data can be recorded.

Do you want to know more about cloud solution?

Still have the doubts? If you have questions, doubts about the cloud solution feel free to write us or call us. We will 100% clarify the doubts.

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