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Stats Employee monitoring software enables you to keep track of your employees' work activities and makes it possible.

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  • Increases an employee engagement.
  • Optimizes business process
  • Reduces Operation Costs.
  • Maximizes the use of technology
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    Features that provide Insight, help you take decisions with confidence


    Keeps Employee Time Track Records

    Tracks Login and Logout time. Tracks how much time the employee spent on which task. Tracks the Idle and Active time of an employee. Tracks assigned breaks and long or short breaks taken by employees. Calculates the payable hours of an employee. Compares the work efficiency of employees on the same task.

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    Screen Shots Recording

    Takes the employee screens snapshots for working proof. Keeps records of screenshots Employers or managers can check work done by employees. Managers can set time intervals for screenshots, and the manual setting is available in the software.

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    Website and Apps Tracking

    Tracks applications and websites most used by employees so employees can ensure they work on appropriate and work-related apps and websites. Tracks top applications used by employees on computers. Tracks top websites used by employees on a computer The software helps categorize employees into productive and non-productive parts. If you found an employee who spent time on an irrelevant site or app you can block it.

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    Video Recording

    Records employee screen video with playback option, which can check how long time they take for a task. Records video when an employee working on the computer. Using the playback option or running a video manager can check how work going and suggest employee necessary changes.

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    Idle and Active Time Tracking

    Sends alert message on employees and specific manager screen. if an employee not doing anything during a set time manager can get an alert message. Helps employees to engaged and focused on work when they go away from the system it sends a reminder and they realize as they are being monitored. This helps in make employee active for the work.

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    Attendance Tracking

    Tracks employee present and absent days and week off days and leaves. Provides attendance reports and helps in the payroll process, for small enterprises reducing HR hiring costs.

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    Activity Tracking Report

    Provides a full activity report of an employee in a tabular format easy to understand. Provides team activity report also to the business head. Analyze the work pattern and style and strategy of an employee. Full employee and team activity report in the mail and provides an activity graph of employee and team activity, which helps the employer find the productive and non-productive report.

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    Work Shift Scheduling

    Allows scheduled work shifts and week-off an employee and monitors employee during a working shift. It protects employee privacy by not monitoring their PC on week off days and without shift time.

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    Employee screen streaming

    Provides live screen streaming of an employee screen on the manager’s computer. The spot a mistake can recognize by the employer and rectify by an employee. On-spot managers can be caught for fraud if someone is found malicious in the organization.

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    Key Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software


    Improved Productivity

    By monitoring employees' work activities, employers can identify areas where employees may be wasting time or struggling to complete tasks. This can enable managers to provide additional support or training, which can help employees become more productive. The software has a combination of features that can help recognize employee distraction and friction point at working place once management give solution on it, quickly employee productivity goes high and high productivity of employee turn in success of business.


    Increased Accountability

    Employee monitoring software can help employees stay accountable for their work activities. Knowing that their activities are being monitored can help employees stay on task and avoid to distractions.If the manager can track their accountable data it will help at the time of promotion time or salary hike


    Enhanced Security

    Employee monitoring software can help businesses protect sensitive data by preventing employees from accessing unauthorized websites or applications. This can help save against data breaches and other security threats. Employee tracking software is that it can help to reduce the risk of data breaches and other security threats. By monitoring employee activity on company devices and networks, employers can detect and respond to suspicious behavior, such as attempts to access sensitive data or transfer files to unauthorized locations.


    Better Resource Allocation

    By monitoring employees' work activities, employers can identify areas where additional resources may be necessary. This can help managers allocate resources more effectively, which can improve overall operations. If your organization has better resource allocation it will save purchase cost of extra resource.


    End-to-end data security

    For Cloud, the solution provides Bidirectional encryption techniques to transfer data on the cloud with advanced methodology. Uses a random data storage algorithm. Employees' personal data never transfer to the cloud. For the on-premises solution, since all the data is in the premises server, the data cannot be sent out of the company.


    Compliance with regulations

    Some industries are subject to strict regulations regarding data privacy and security. Employee monitoring software can help businesses stay compliant with these regulations by ensuring that employees are following established protocols and procedures. For example, in industries where data privacy is a major concern, such as healthcare and finance, employers may be required to monitor employee activity to ensure that sensitive information is not being shared inappropriately.

    Why People Choose Us

    • Our Employee Monitoring Software suitable for all size of companies such as Small, Medium, Large.
    • Our software is suitable for all types of work place such as In-office, Work from home and Hybrid Workplace
    • We support Windows 8 and above Microsoft Operating Systems
    • We provide both Cloud and on-premises both types of solutions.
    • We provide satisfactorily and quality support to our clients.

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    How Better for Employee:

    When your employees know how their tracking time gives them valuable knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses, and insight into their time management makes them productive, accountable, and self-directed. When they know they are being monitored they work more focused.

    How Better for Organization:

    Happy employees are productive so Stats Employee Monitoring Software gives them happiness by enabling a “work from anywhere” with full transparency and accountability. Whether at home, in-office, or in a hybrid workplace it works best for both you and the employees.

    Area where Employee Monitoring software is demanding

    Employee tracking software is commonly used in industries where employee productivity and efficiency are crucial for business success. Top used in industry where employee uses Computer and laptop to do their work and stored their data on Computer.

    Information Technology: In IT and software companies all work depends on Computer system so it is most demanding industry for implement employee monitoring software.
    Tracks employee attendance and monitor project status and task progress of each employee monitoring software is very helpful.

    Telecommunication Industry: Uses employee monitoring software to ensure that their employees are providing excellent customer service, handling mail efficiently, and meeting their performance targets. Uses to check their sent and received emails and measure the time required for inquiry and employee performance.

    Finance: Financial institutions use employee monitoring software to check whether their employees are complying with regulations, protecting sensitive data, and completing their work accurately and on time or not.

    Healthcare: Healthcare organizations use employee monitoring software to make ensure that their employees are providing high-quality patient care, following protocols, and completing their work accurately.

    Manufacturing: Manufacturing companies use employee monitoring software to ensure that their employees are working efficiently, adhering to safety protocols, and meeting production targets.

    Retail: Retail companies use employee monitoring software to ensure that their employees are providing excellent customer service, handling transactions efficiently, and meeting sales targets.

    Staff and Recruitment: This Industry also very demanding industry for employee monitoring because they have to count working hours and attendance of an employee to pay them for their work.

    Law Firm: In law firm they have to calculates how much time their assistant work on particular project and they have pay for that assignment according to hour.

    Freelancing:In freelancing work, the software is very necessary to calculate the working hours of a project for pay, Overall, employee monitoring software is used in any industry where tracking employee performance and productivity is important for business success.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1.What is Employee Monitoring Software?

    Employee monitoring software is a type of technology that enables employers to keep track of their employees' work activities. This can include things like monitoring computer usage, tracking keystrokes, and monitoring email and internet activity.
    While some people may see employee tracking software as invasive, it can be a valuable tool for employers. By using this type of software, employers can gain valuable insights into how their employees are spending their time, which can help them identify areas for improvement and optimize their operations.

    Q 3. Why do employers use employee monitoring software?

    Employers use employee following software to ensure that their employees are productive and following company policies. It can also be used to protect sensitive data and prevent misconduct.

    Q 5. How can employers address employee concerns about monitoring software?

    Employers can address employee concerns about monitoring software by being transparent about their monitoring practices and obtaining their employees' consent before implementing any monitoring software. They can also provide clear guidelines on how the software will be used and ensure that it is used fairly and consistently across all employees.

    Q 7. How can employers ensure that their use of employee monitoring software is ethical?

    Employers should be transparent about their use of monitoring software and should only use it for legitimate business purposes. They should also respect employees' privacy rights and should not use monitoring software as a mehod for good management practices.

    Q 9.How can employers ensure that they are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations when using employee monitoring software?

    Employers should consult with legal counsel to ensure that their use of monitoring software is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. They should also provide employees with clear information about their monitoring practices and should obtain their consent where required.

    Q 2.How Does Employee Monitoring Software Work?

    Employee monitoring software works by collecting data about employees' work activities. This can include things like the websites they visit, the files they access, and the applications they use
    WhileThe software can also track how long employees spend on each task, which can help managers identify areas where employees may be struggling or where additional training may be necessary.

    The data collected by employee tracking software is typically stored in a centralized database, which can be accessed by managers and other authorized personnel.

    This enables managers to view reports and analytics that can help them make informed decisions about their operations.

    Q 4. Can employee monitoring software be used to track remote workers?

    Yes, employee monitoring software can be used to track the activities of remote workers. This can include monitoring their computer and internet usage, as well as tracking their location and time spent on specific tasks.

    Q 6. What are the benefits of employee monitoring software?

    Employee monitoring software can help employers identify inefficiencies in their business processes, prevent data breaches, and ensure that employees are following company policies.

    Q 8. Can employees opt out of being monitored?

    Employees generally cannot opt out of being monitored if the monitoring is required for legitimate business purposes. However, employers should provide employees with clear information about their monitoring practices and should be open to discussing any concerns that employees may have.

    Q 10. Is There diffrent plans available in Employee Productivity Monitoring Softare?

    Yes, There are three types of plan available in employee productivity monitoing software. 1. Basic Plan 2. Standard Plan 3. Advanced Plan

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    Employee monitoring software is a valuable tool for employers who want to gain valuable insights into how their employees are spending their time. While some people may see employee tracking software as invasive, it can be an effective way to improve productivity, increase accountability, and enhance security in the workplace. As technology continues to advance, it's likely that employee tracking software will become even more sophisticated, enabling businesses to optimize their operations and stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

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