"Employee Monitoring Software"

What is the Employee PC Monitoring Software?

Employee PC monitoring software is an application that helps you to supervise the activities that are performed on a personal or employee computer.This software is meant for corporate, for parents and for people who love keeping their laptops/computers safe.
For enterprise, from workboard of online employee pc monitprong login CEO can monitor whole organization even their offices in any country. Specific team observer (Team leader or manager) can monitor only her or his team, other team can not shown to specific team observer.
Using this software you can monitor your employees’ PC without their knowing that they are being monitored. It helps parents control and monitor what their children can see and do using the computer.

Analyze Workforce Productivity With Employee Monitoring Software

Get all the insights of employees to enhance and maintain productive environment in business

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Screenshots on Every Click

  • Using employee monitoring software company able to see daily work performance of employees.
  • Random screenshot can be taken of each employees work without interacting any interrupting work.
  • Capable for capture screenshots on each and every click of your employee’s PC

All Keystrokes Captured

  • Key-logging or Keystrokes capturing is a process that records each and every-key which user is typing on the keyboard in order.
  • This feature of employee monitoring software captures the screen shots when the user triggered the predefined keywords.
  • This software will be very helpful in encountering the bullying or harassment and it will send to management in serious cases.

User Face Photo capture

  • Set time interval to take photo of employee face
  • Take the photo using the inbuilt camera of laptop
  • Any time view employee face screenshot to ensure the same employee is using the allocated asset

Clipboard of copy and paste task

  • Software has a feature of clipboard is to hold a place on the PC where you can temporarily store the data like text, picture and many more which will be only visible for the owner or the user.
  • All copy, past, rename & delete of folder or file activities recording in this segment of feature.
  • It helps to investigate to find out who did the activity with the data.

Blocking of USB Ports

  • To ensure security and protect data USB port blocking enable for storage devices.
  • So companies data can be secured and cant be copied in pendrive and hard disk
  • USB port blocking features helps to prevent the data from viruses inserted from the external storage devises.

Blocking of URL / Website

  • Allows the user to block the website URL also have the capability to white-list some web pages.
  • Employees sometimes surfs the net for other non-work related stuff. Usually, it is not a big issue for all time, but sometimes user might need to confine the access to few web pages
  • Website or URL blocking features helps to restricted the unwanted site to explore from the assigned PC or laptop.

Double security shield

  • Our software can run in stealth mode through which user will get all the information and if they want then they can hide without being noticed.
  • Through which they can notice each and every thing and can secure all the data that can be stolen or hacked by the hackers. So this software will ensure you the data security for your company.
  • Without HOT key the password prompt is not appeared, Once correct HOT key is enter then password prompt will get appeared and after entering the correct password user can get the access to see the employee PC software

Totally invisible to employees

  • it is 100% invisible to users as it will not be shown even in Task manager
  • Even its icon not shown in the start menu and also not visible on employees desktop
  • The software running in totally under stealth mode, it will start when PC starts and off when PC shut down. It will never shows in task manager or control panel or in program file

Email for sensitive keywords

  • Software has a features like email privacy for some sensitive keywords.
  • Due to this features the owner will not have to face many obstacles and they will get all the notifications via mails and screenshot
  • Once set the sensitive keyword and configured the e-mail, then when the employee entered the set keywords then e-mail is fired.

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  • Screenshots Recording
  • Keystroke Logs
  • Face capture
  • Clipboard
  • USB Blocking
  • URL Blocking
  • Double Protection
  • Invisible
  • Keyword alerts
  • Internet not required

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Lifetime Plan For Windows OS


Lifetime per Employee

  • For Lifetime Per License Per PC
  • Screenshots Recording
  • Keystroke Logs
  • Face capture
  • Clipboard
  • USB Blocking
  • URL Blocking
  • Double Protection
  • Invisible
  • Keyword alerts
  • Internet not required
  • Monitor from your own office PC*

How Employee Monitoring Software Helps ?

Screenshots recording in offline monitoring software

Want To Double Your Business Growth

  • Try Out Our Employee Monitoring Software
  • Employee monitoring software is a significant tool for the companies .
  • Track All Insights How Employees And Team Working Remotely and utilizing their time at work to get maximum efficiency

How do we achieve team productivity remotely


Get insights of your employees

  • Track what they are doing
  • Productive Times spend during working hours/li>
  • Find their level of engagement
  • What distraction they are facing
  • All the analysis report of working behavior

Use Case of Employee Monitoring Software


Find The Better Way to Getting Started Quickly

  • Increase in work productivity
  • Actively manage team working responsibilities
  • Work force analytics reports
  • Achieve operational efficiency
  • Data privacy and security

Get The Best Outcome From Employees & Achieve maximum productivity

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to keep an eye on your employee’s PC or how to monitor them?

Yes it is possible to keep an eye on your employee’s computer in order to track their activity through employee pc monitoring software. VKcontrol provides you an employee monitoring software which will give you features like which will keep record of the files created also record of files deleted , keep track on user activity which will help you in protecting your confidential business information, data security and will maintain productivity . So in single platform you will get different aspects of user activity monitoring.


So here we will see the benefits of employee screen monitoring software which will help an organization in remote working


Employee PC monitoring software gives you the ability to keep a track of activity check of your employee by giving you updates of who is productive or not. This software generates reports which will show the justification of hours By showing how your employees are spending time in working hours by showing how much they are active or idle, which websites they visited whether they were related to task assigned or social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. from which you can decide how much time they are spending to complete their task or just sitting idle or wasting time which is hampering your work so that according you can take necessary steps to ensure the quality of work done. Hence, this will lead to improve the productivity of your employee.


Through this real time employee monitoring software managers and their team members can both a complete understanding of how engaged they are. We can generate reports through this software of how everyone is working so that you can analyse upon what needs to be improved which lead to a high level of accountability.


Despite of making decisions on any kind of intuition or assumption, employee monitoring software gives you the ability to make clear perspective to improve your work process by providing you valid data by generating detailed reports which will help your employers to identify business aspects, keep watch over whats going on , or helps in finding errors so that you can work on it before things get out of control. Added advantage is that it also helps in payroll management by tracking actual productive hours . So employee pc monitoring software makes things more easier by generating verified reports which indirectly helps in improving your business decisions.


Employee monitoring software is an automated process which helps in saving your time by generating attendance , activity logs , daily timesheets etc. can be done automatically by a software which reduces your manual work . As we all know this administrative work is one of the work which consumes more time and thus reduces our productive time. As per the survey , we found that near about 50-60% of Managers spent 2-3 hours a day in generating daily status report of each of their team members, and in filling timesheets and activity logs. Thus , Employee pc monitoring software replaces all these manual work items with an automated and accurate filled timesheets/activity logs and real time reports.

Can an organization rely on employee monitoring software?

So, yes an organization can rely on employee monitoring software as it is effective for remote workers and completely reliable. Post the lockdown period many organizations who can work online had to start their work remotely in a sudden basis and most of the employees were not use to this work culture which led to downfall in their productivity. As, in this current scenario of COVID-19 is having serious effects on people’s mental health too which leads to distraction and reduces focus on work. Thus, in this situation an organization must have a software like remote pc monitoring software - When we started using this software , productivity of our employees increased by 50-60%, also the employers were able to keep a watch over their teams in order to find out where they are working or not or using any unusual stuff like social media etc. Also the software takes random screenshots which shows exactly what you are doing.

Is there any Monitoring Software which can keep track of keystrokes or capture screenshots of employee’s screen?

Yes there is a software which can track each and every keystrokes and also has the ability to capture images of your employee’s screen for that checkout VK control’s Employee monitoring software. So, for the employees who are working remotely need to do some initial steps for that they need to enrol their face id and clock time in order to start their work. So that whole day the software will randomly capture screenshots of their screen in order to check in the activity going on. It will also capture the image of person in order to confirm their identity which will make sure whether the correct person is working or not and also by capturing screenshots of employee’s screen it will ensure that proper activity is going or not in doing productive things. Also it will keep record of each and every keystroke whatever the employee is typing will be recorded

What is employee monitoring software and how it is useful in business?

Employee monitoring software basically enables employers to keep track of activity levels of their employee’s computer while they are working remotely. This is accomplished with the help of accurate reports generated by this software. This reports will help you analyse whether your employee’s are productive or not while working from home or are they utilizing proper time to complete their task assigned which will help you work smoothly in remote working.

Is it possible to keep an eye on your employee’s PC or how to monitor them?

Most of the companies across the globe have adopted remote working in order to achieve employee’s safety. Initially, this thought of how employers will manage their whole team remotely is too scary as they are worried how they will determine the productivity level, activity level of their teams especially if it’s the very first time when everyone is working from their home. In order to overcome this we have following tips:

1. Should focus on End results not on activity track

Completely its not possible to measure each and every aspect of work done by your team remotely specially in case where your team members are working from different locations remotely. So , instead of tracking activity level or hours worked , you must focus on the result of work accomplished

2. Make sure of proper resources in Your Team

When you have a complete team of employees working remotely so must ensure of the equipments required in order to work smoothly without hampering your work or deadlines. So, for that as a Manager or Team lead you must make sure that each and every team members has the necessary equipments like Laptop with proper configuration, necessary softwares installed in it , also for data security and most important high speed internet connection . It’s not necessary that everyone will have all the above factors at their place so it’s your responsibility to make them available or make sure that they do.


In this situation of COVID-19 things had become more difficult to manage so in this situation one must be flexible and be little co-operative in order to understand their employees problem if they are facing any kind of issue in getting things done give them proper time required to get things done. Also , in terms of working hours sometimes you should be flexible of getting result at the end of the day or not how much time they took so them that freedom for working according to their schedule that will make them more productive which will in turn help you in long run.

Which type of results can be seen in an Employee screen monitoring software?

With the help of VK control’s Employee monitoring software you can get a detailed report at the day end which will give you better results from start to end, it keep records by taking screenshots on every click, keystrokes can be captured whatever your employee is typing will be captured, keeps record of each new file created as records file deleted or renamed, tracks record of each & every activity done in computer. Also it offers several of information including Activity hours, Activity log, Screenshots, records keystrokes, timesheets, leave details. So, completed detailed result can be seen in an employee pc monitoring software.

What are the benefits of the Employee PC monitoring software

Employee monitoring software has many benefits as it has lot of features listed below:
Employee monitoring software has lots of benefits such as:
1. Security: Security is the major factor for any company because no one wants that their data gets stolen or hacked. So this software will ensure you the data security for your company
2. Compatibility: Our computer monitoring software is fully compatible for Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10.
3. Running in stealth mode: It will run in stealth mode i.e you will get all the information you want in hidden without being noticed.
4. 100% invisibility : The Software is 100% invisible to users as it will not be shown even in Task manager, Control panel where all the installed programs are visible but this software will be invisible over there, Even on it will not be visible if you will search in start menu , also no icon will be visible on employee’s desktop.
5. Keystroke Logger: In any organization its necessary to protect your data for which keylogging is essential. It will capture all the keystrokes in any web browsers like chrome/firefox/edge, in Microsoft office files, or email, or chat, in any files or notepad running on your employee’s system.
6. Captures Screenshot: This software will capture screenshots on each and every click of your employee’s PC.So, It will randomly capture screenshots of their screen in order to check in the activity going on. It has the feature of Employee face or user face snapshot capturing which will also capture the image of person in order to confirm their identity which will make sure whether the correct person is working or not and also by capturing screenshots of employee’s screen it will ensure that proper activity is going or not in doing productive things.
7. Enables hiding folder : Sometimes, we have some bunch of information which is confidential and we cannot afford any type of changes or deletion or any kind of activity which will lead to loss of data. So, for this employee monitoring software gives you the ability to hide your confidential folder.
8. URL Blocking : In employee monitoring software you can also track which websites or urls your employee is opening in their browser. So in case, if you notice that on regular basis your team members are wasting time on social media sites or other sites which is hampering their task and productivity so for that also we have feature of URL blocking through this feature you can block such type of urls if you found which is distracting your employees.
9. USB port blocking: In order to ensure security or to protect your data from getting copied you can enable USB port blocking for storage devices. This feature is useful so that one cannot copy your company’s data in their pen drive or hard disk etc. as it will block their USB port.
10. Folder record: PC monitoring software enables you to take record of each folder whichever gets renamed, cut, copied or pasted or deleted so all these information gets recorded in the software. In case an employee is trying to rename any project.
11. Folder or copying it to another source or trying to delete any folder’s data then you don’t need to worry as these information will be recorded in your software and you can easily keep a track of these activities going on.

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