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Seeking to guarantee productivity and engagement from employees, irrespective of their location? Dive into our robust remote employee monitoring software!

Our solution provides a comprehensive approach to monitor and manage your remote team's performance seamlessly from a unified dashboard.

With our Stats employee monitoring software, delve into their computer activities - from the apps and websites they access to the number of keypresses and mouse clicks. Gain insights into the time they dedicate to specific tasks and projects, enabling you to pinpoint areas ripe for enhancement.

Our software is not just about monitoring.

But, our software is more than just about surveillance. Recognizing the need for trust and collaboration among remote teams, our platform lets you define goals, set expectations, and collaboratively work on projects. Our remote employee monitoring software is also tailor-made for adaptability, allowing configurations to match your distinct requirements. Select data to monitor, set idle-time alerts, receive notifications for specific events, and personalize reports for an in-depth understanding of your team's performance

We understand the importance of building trust and collaboration within your remote team worker, with our software; you can set goals and expectations for your employees, and collaborate on projects, all within the same platform.

Most importantly, we take your team's privacy and security seriously. Our software is designed with strong encryption and data protection measures to keep your team's personal and sensitive information safe and secure.

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How V K Control’s Employee Monitoring Manages Remote Workers?

Employee productivity monitoring software helps to track remote workers with combination of various features. When remote staff away from office, employers or company owner always feel concern about employee productivity, because employee productivity directly impact on company success and growth.
Employer has to be alert for employee productivity and employee has to also prove their work performance and dedication towards organization. Employee Productivity monitoring software is the Best Middle way and transparent solution for foster healthy remote work.

Employee Work Time Tracking, Attendance

Track Employee Work Time

This feature allows employers to check how much time an employee exactly spent on time, and how effectively he is working. It tracks employee attendance and helps HR in the payroll process. It tracks employee In and Out Time on the system and employees' weeks off also in this way automatic attendance is taken by employee monitoring software.

Event Counting, Keyress count, mouse click count

Event Counting

This features records event counting, when an employee works on a company laptop or computer they pressed the keyboard key or click through the mouse that every time the software counts the event, it ensures the employee working effectively during working hours, not away from the system.

Screen Recording

Screen Recording

This feature record employee screen in two ways for entire day and for the time he working. There is setting in the software you can enable both video recording and any one of them depends on your requirement and storage capacity. Video recording have playback option you can check employees work progress.

Tracks the application and website URLs usage

Monitor Web and App Usage

This feature tracks the application and website URLs accessed by remoter workers on PC. It should be categorized into Productive and Non-productive resources. Employee Monitoring Software provides a list of top-used apps and URLs by employees. You can recognize whether the resources where they spent maximum time are productive and work-related or non-productive. Later we can inform employee for change working strategy or block unproductive resources through network.

Active vs Idle Tracking

Active vs Idle Tracking

This features track remote employee active and idle time to check his performance and productivity. When employee work on computer and doing any activity like typing, click by mouse, scrolling the screen , watching the video or any activity that time records as active time and if there is not happen any activity that time records idle time. Just login and logout is not enough for time tracking, there is a huge possibility in remote work employees log in and log out on time but the rest of the time they may waste time on personal work, scrolling social media.

Live Screen Streaming

Live Screen Streaming

Working in a remote workplace means working on a computer hence employee monitoring software provide live streaming of employees' screen on the manager's or employer's window. It is a very crucial feature for preventing organization data from security threats and catching the people who can make fraud within the organization. Employer can check anyone screen without knowing him, if any employees behavior find dubious you can check his screen, however you can rectify the employee mistake become more big.

Screenshot Logging

Screenshot Logging

The screenshot recording feature takes the employee's screen randomly in a specific time interval and saves it on the cloud; the later manager can check those screen snaps with the playback option. Like video recording, these features also ensure work progress plus work efficiency. You can check the screen snap and read the content on the screen that helps you to understand what kind of task he did on that day at that time. There is a manual setting available in the software for setting screenshot time intervals.

The Advantages of Using Our Software

  • Augmented Productivity :
  • By tracking your employees' activity and performance, you can identify areas where they may be wasting time or not meeting expectations. With this knowledge, you can provide targeted feedback and training to help them improve their productivity and work more efficiently.

  • Enhanced Communication:
  • Our software includes features such as goal-setting, and project collaboration. By providing a centralized platform for communication and collaboration, you can help your team stay connected and aligned, even when working remotely. When you know your employee’s performance transparently you can communicate with them about their difficulties or appreciate them if they work excellently.

  • Workers Accountability:
  • With our monitoring software, you can set clear expectations for your employees and monitor their performance against these expectations. This will create a culture of accountability and responsibility, where employees can understand what is expected from them and take ownership of their work and they look into it.

  • Robust Data Security:
  • Our software is developed with strong encryption and data protection algorithm to ensure that your team's personal and sensitive information is kept safe and secure. With our software, you can have peace of mind that your team's data is safe from cyber threats and other security risks.

  • Personalized Features:
  • Our software is customizable with setting option, allowing you to make your specific needs and preferences. You can choose which data to track, set alerts and customize reports to gain deeper insights into your team's performance. There are options in setting for select time duration and enabling or disabling features for specific employees or teams.

    Who Benefits Most from Our Solution?

    Our remote employee monitoring software is ideal for businesses of all sizes and industries that have remote or distributed teams or Hybrid work teams. Whether you are a startup firm, a small business, or a large enterprise, our software can help you to manage and monitor your remote employees more effectively.

    In particular, our software is well-suited for teams that

  • Work remotely or from different locations.
  • Need to track time and activity for billing or invoicing purposes.
  • Want to ensure that their remote employees are productive and engaged.
  • Busy parents can now oversee their child’s online activities, ensuring safety and productivity
  • With our employee monitoring software, we are committed to helping businesses like yours to manage and monitor their remote teams more effectively. With our powerful software, you can track and manage your team's activity and performance, and improve productivity and engagement.

  • Remote Work & More:
  • With the rise of remote work, many businesses are using remote employee monitoring software to ensure that their employees are productive and engaged, even when working from home or in a different location.

  • Freelancers and Contractors:
  • If you work with freelancers or contractors, employee monitoring software can help you to track their activity and ensure that they are meeting your expectations and deadlines.

  • Customer Support Teams:
  • If you have a customer support team that works remotely, remote employee monitoring software can help you to track their response times, ensure that they are meeting customer work standards, and identify areas for improvement.

  • Sales Teams:
  • For sales teams that work remotely, remote employee monitoring software can help you to track their activity, monitor their progress toward sales targets, and identify opportunities for coaching and improvement.

  • Project Management:
  • Remote employee monitoring software can also be used to track project timelines, monitor team progress, and identify areas where projects are falling behind schedule or over budget. In general, employee monitoring software is ideal for any business that has remote or distributed teams, where it can help to improve productivity, accountability, and collaboration. If you're interested in using employee monitoring software for your business, consider trying our software today and experiencing the benefits for yourself.

    Here’s a Glimpse of Our Software’s Capabilities

    Employee screen activity monitoring

  • Employee screen activity monitoring
  • Remote employee monitoring software can track employee activity on their computer, including which applications and websites they are using, how long they spend on each task, and their keystrokes and mouse clicks.


  • Employee Screen Recording
  • Our remote employee monitoring software includes screen recording capabilities, allowing you to see a video recording of your employee's screen activity, which can be helpful for identifying issues or providing targeted feedback.

    Office Time Tracking

  • Office Time Tracking
  • Remote employee monitoring software can track the time spent on specific tasks, projects, or clients during office hours. Which can be helpful for billing or invoicing purposes?

    Used Apps Tracking

  • Used Apps Tracking
  • This software tracks the application used by employee and records the time how long they spent time over there. Applications are divided into two categories Productive and Non Productive. If they spent maximum time on productive application then they are productive, If they are spending maximum time on Nonproductive application like gaming apps, entertainment apps such as Netflix, that means they are nonproductive employee.

    Used Websites Tracking

  • Used Websites Tracking
  • This software tracks the Websites used by employee and records the time how long they spent time over there. URLs are divided into two categories Productive and Non Productive. If they spent maximum time on productive sites then they are productive, if they are spending maximum time on Nonproductive site that means they are nonproductive employee.

    Productivity Analysis

  • Productivity Analysis
  • Our remote employee monitoring software products include productivity analysis tools that allow you to evaluate employee performance over time, compare productivity metrics across employees, and identify areas for improvement and area of advancement and with effective team. Identify employees high productive time and low productive time in a day.

    Child Activity Tracking

  • Child Activity Tracking
  • In this era parents are busy in working life they can’t watch their child 24×7 they are worried about their child activity on computer. When they go for work far from home they don’t know on which sites their kids visited which apps they are used, are they wasting too much time on social media or on gaming apps, are they download any malicious app, are they visited on adult sites. With this software parents can monitor their child activity and they can council them if they are going on wrong path, or they can take right decision for them Because a few years ago we saw how the game app Blue Whale instigates children into suicide.

    Cost Efficiency

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Remote employee monitoring software can help reduce costs by improving employee productivity and reducing the time and resources required to manage remote teams. When your employee works remotely you don’t need to place cameras at their workplace or if employees work in the office no need to hire observers and not pay them monthly.

    Easy Steps to Implement Stats Remote employee monitoring software,
    1. Download the trial version
    2. Use for 15 Days free .and be familiar with it
    3. Buy the Software.
    4. Support team will activate your software and will complete the whole installation remotely.
    You don’t need to go to every employee’s desk and install the software.

    Best Practices for Implementation.

    1.Open Dialogue

    Before implementing employee monitoring software, it's essential to communicate with employees and explain why the software is being used. Employees may be concerned about privacy or feel that their work is being overly monitored, so it's important to address these concerns and provide reassurance.

    2.Ethical Application

    It's essential to tell your employee your using this software ethically and that you are not breaching their privacy. You will just be monitoring for working hours because you are concerned about employee productivity,your intension is not to harassed them or distureb their privacy.

    3.Official Policy

    Include the use of remote employee monitoring in company policies and clear its metrics and types of data collected in this software from employee Computer and sign agreement for their consent for this implementation of remote employee monitoring software.

    End Section-->

    Common Questions about Remote Employee Monitoring Software

    Q 1.Is this software work for Individual?

    Yes, This software for individual as well as for team, if you want to use it for personal use to track your activity and productivity.

    Q 3. Yes, Absolutely safe, even it can save your kids from various bad habits, continues use if internet and social media or entertainment sites can lose your child concentration power, without monitoring their activity you will never know the how much time they use computer what doing on it.
    If you ask your child sometime they can tell you lies but software never wills lies it will provide screen snap, video recording and apps and web card with time record.

    Q 5. Is Remote Employee Monitoring Software helpful in In-office workplace?

    Yes, It is working same for in office employee like as remote employee you can use it for office employee as well as for hybrid workplace.

    Q 7. How can remote employee monitoring software be used to ensure follow with company policies and procedures?

    Remote workers monitoring software can be used to ensure compliance with company policies and procedures by tracking employees' activities and identifying any behaviors that may be in violation of company rules. For example, if an employee is visiting websites that are not work-related or spending excessive amounts of time on social media, this can be noticed and solved by management.

    Q 9. How can employers address employee privacy concerns?

    Employers should be transparent with their employees about the use of monitoring software. Prior to implementation, communicate the purpose, scope, and specific data that will be monitored. Obtain explicit consent from employees, and allow them to ask questions or voice concerns. Implement privacy controls to exclude personal activities during non-working hours.

    Q 11. How can I choose the right Remote Employee Monitoring Software for my organization?

    To choose the right software, consider your specific monitoring needs, compliance requirements, ease of use, scalability, and customer support. It's essential to select a solution that aligns with your organization's values, respects employee privacy, and enhances productivity without compromising trust.

    Q 13.How does Remote Employee Monitoring Software handle privacy concerns?

    Reliable software providers prioritize data privacy and security. They implement measures like data encryption, role-based access controls, and anonymization of personal information. Transparent communication and obtaining consent from employees are also crucial aspects in addressing privacy concerns.

    Q 15.Is Remote Employee Monitoring legal?

    The legality of employee monitoring varies by country and region. In many jurisdictions, it is legal as long as certain privacy rights of employees are respected. Employers should inform their employees about monitoring policies and obtain explicit consent in compliance with local laws.

    Q 17. What type of data is collected by the monitoring software?

    Remote Staff Monitoring Software typically collects data on active working hours, application usage, websites visited, time spent on tasks, and keyboard/mouse activity. Some software may also include additional features such as screenshot capture for further analysis. Compliance: It aids in ensuring employees adhere to company policies and industry regulations.

    Q 19. How can managers use the data from the monitoring software to support their employees?

    Employers can use the data to identify areas where employees might need additional support or training. It can also help in recognizing exceptional performance and rewarding achievements. The insights gained from the software can be used to foster a positive work environment and improve overall employee satisfaction.

    Q 21.Can Remote Employee Monitoring Software track personal activities and websites visited by employees?

    Responsible monitoring software focuses solely on work-related activities during active working hours. Reputable solutions allow employers to define which applications and websites are relevant to work and avoid tracking personal activities or data outside work-related contexts.

    Q 23. Can Remote Employee Monitoring Software be used in hybrid work environments?

    Yes, our monitoring solutions are adaptable to hybrid work environments, where some employees work remotely, while others work from a physical office. The software can provide consistent insights across both remote and on-site teams.

    Q 25.Does Remote Employee Monitoring Software offer customizable reporting and analytics?

    Yes, our monitoring software allows employers to customize reports and analytics based on specific metrics they want to track. Customization options help create insights into the unique needs of the organization.

    Q 2. What is Remote Employee Monitoring Software?

    Remote Employee Monitoring Software is a tool that allows employers to keep track of their remote workforce's activities, productivity, and performance. It typically includes features like time tracking, screen monitoring, application usage analysis, website tracking, and productivity reporting.

    Q 4. How can employers ensure that their use of remote employee monitoring software is transparent and fair to employees?

    Employers can ensure that their use of employee monitoring software is transparent and fair to employees by clearly communicating the reasons for using the software, obtaining employees' consent before monitoring their activities, setting clear expectations for behavior and performance, and providing feedback and coaching in a constructive and supportive manner.

    Q 6. Are there any legal or ethical considerations to keep in mind when using remote employee monitoring software?

    Yes, employers should be aware of legal and ethical considerations when using remote workers monitoring software. For example, in some jurisdictions, employers may be required to obtain consent from employees before monitoring their activities, and employers should ensure that they are not violating employees' rights to privacy or creating a hostile work environment.

    Q 8. Can remote employee monitoring software be used to identify employees who are experiencing burnout or work-related stress?

    Yes, remote staff monitoring software can be used to identify employees who may be experiencing burnout or other work-related stress by tracking factors such as the number of hours worked, breaks taken, and levels of activity during work hours. This information can help employers identify when employees may need additional help or resources.

    Q 10. Can Remote Employee Monitoring Software replace effective management?

    No, monitoring software should be used as a complementary tool to effective management practices, not a replacement. It provides data and insights to help managers make informed decisions and support their remote teams better.

    Q 12.How can Remote Employee Monitoring Software benefit remote teams?

    Remote teams can benefit in several ways, including:
    • Ensuring accountability and transparency in remote work environments.
    • Facilitating better communication and collaboration.
    • Tracking project progress and detect potential bottlenecks.
    • Providing remote employees with insights to improve their work habits.
    • Enabling managers to offer targeted support to team members.

    Q 14. How does Remote Employee Monitoring Software work?

    The software is installed on employees' devices, such as computers or smartphones. It tracks various data points like active hours, time spent on different applications, websites visited, and keyboard/mouse activity. This information is collected and analyzed to provide insights into employee productivity and work habits.

    Q 16. What are the benefits of using Remote Employee Monitoring Software?

    Enhanced productivity: Employers can identify and solve productivity loopholes, leading to improved overall efficiency. Performance evaluation: Managers can analyze employee performance based on data-driven insights. Time management: It helps monitor time spent on tasks and identifies areas where time can save and be better utilized. Security: The software can detect and prevent data breaches or unauthorized access to sensitive information.

    Q 18. Can the software be used for remote teams working in different time zones?

    Yes, most Remote Staff Monitoring Software is designed to accommodate remote teams across various time zones. It provides flexibility in tracking and analyzing data based on individual team members' time zones.

    Q 20. Is the software compatible with different operating systems and devices?

    Our Employee Monitoring Software is compatible with major operating systems such as Windows 8 and onwards, and mac OS platforms. Before choosing specific software, it's essential to check its compatibility with the devices used by your remote workforce. Remember to review the terms of use and privacy policy of any software you consider implementing, and ensure it aligns with your organization's values and legal requirements.

    Q 22. How does Remote Employee Monitoring Software impact employee morale and trust?

    Open and transparent communication about the purpose of software can increase trust and understanding among employees. When employees recognize that monitoring is for increasing productivity and not for micromanagement, there is a huge possibility to they look at it positively.

    Q 24. How secure is the data collected by the software?

    Data security is a top priority for remote worker monitoring software. We employ encryption protocols, secure servers, and strict access controls to protect the data collected from employees. It is crucial to select a trusted and well-established provider to ensure data security.

    Q 26. Can the software be used to monitor remote employee attendance?

    Yes, Remote Worker Monitoring Software includes features like time tracking and activity logs, which can be used to monitor employee attendance and overall working hours.

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