"Employee Monitoring Within The Working Shift Timing Only"

Set the working shift time for each employee or group of employee

In big enterprises employees working around the clock in different shifts to serve better services to their clientele. Hence we have the feature to set shift timing for each employee or team of employees or the whole organization. The easy and efficient way to set shift timing helps employers to monitor employees within the shift only.

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Monitored current shift employees only


Do privacy to an employee who is not in shift, so monitor the employees who are in the shift. Once we set the shift timing, before the shift timing and after shift timing we can not monitor the employee's computer.

  • Set working shift for the team
  • Shift timing for individual
  • No one can monitor before or after shift timing
  • No data stored except shift timing
  • Monitoring within the shift timing/li>

Shift Timing Settings


A simple way to set shift timing settings. From the settings select the employee or all employees or required employee then add the shift timing and save.

  • Easy way to set shift
  • Set shift for any employee
  • Set shift for the team
  • Instant shift applied
  • Observers can do only for his team only

Settings from one card


To save the time for settings of the shift we weekend we club all settings in one card. This easy accessibility helps the user do all settings within one stroke.

  • Enable Shift time
  • Select start time and end time of shift
  • Select employee or employees
  • Save the settings
  • With this do other settings

Why shift timing settings are important?

To monitor the employees who are within the shift. In most companies employees working within different shifts hence employee monitoring within the shift is beneficial to track employees' records for their working timing only. Shift timing settings give the proper and accurate employees work behavior with statistical data and other graphical data to monitor employees' past work hours.

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Your Data is Fully Secured

We used a two-way data encryption technic with a two-sided SLL certificate for our cloud hence for all users their data is fully secured. For more data security concern companies we suggest our on-premise solution so that companies can manage their own data security policies.

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