Elevate Employee Productivity

with Stats Screen Recorder for PC

In the world of modern workplaces, V K Control leads the way with our Employee Video Screen Recording solution. This sophisticated technology allows organizations to effortlessly monitor and record their employees' computer screens, providing a comprehensive view of their actions, application usage, and content interactions.

Key Features of V K Control's Employee Video Screen Recording

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Stay updated with real-time screen monitoring, ensuring your employee is productive and compliant. He or she perform task on time.

Time-Stamped Logs

Time-Stamped Logs

Automatically create time-stamp logs for accountability and tracking purposes on video during working hours to know activity time.

Customizable Settings

Customizable Settings

Tailor recording settings to your specific needs like offer option for activity recording or full working hours recordings.

Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage

Safely store recorded videos on Stats software's secure servers, ensuring data integrity and easy access to authorize person.

Playback and Analysis

Playback and Analysis

Effortlessly review recorded screen video for training, compliance, troubleshooting or learning.

User Activity Insights

User Activity Insights

Get valuable insights in employee activity, identifying areas of improvement and training and process enhancement.

Compliance Features

Compliance Features

Ensure employee follows to industry regulations, policy and complete legal requirements related to worker monitoring.

Remote Access

Remote Access

Access recorded data from anywhere, providing flexibility for management and HR teams.

"Our intuitive interface makes it easy for even non-technical users to navigate and utilize the platform effectively."

Stats screen recording software in action.

"With Stats screen recording software for employee monitoring, you can achieve a range of essential tasks and gain valuable insights into your employees' activities"

Employee Productivity Monitoring

Track workstation usage and assess productivity levels, identifying areas for support or training.

Performance Evaluation

Evaluate employee performance objectively, monitoring work quality, efficiency, and adherence to processes.

Training and Onboarding

Use recorded screens for training and onboarding, creating tutorials and training materials based on real-life examples.

Compliance and Security

Ensure compliance with regulations and internal security policies by monitoring employee actions and identifying potential security risks.

Remote Troubleshooting

IT support teams can remotely resolve technical issues, minimizing downtime.

Time and Task Tracking

Accurately track time spent on tasks or projects, aiding resource allocation and project management.

Evidence Gathering

Use screen recordings as evidence in disputes or investigations regarding employee actions.

Remote Work Monitoring

Monitor remote employees to ensure productivity while working from different locations.

Policy Adherence

Ensure employees follow company policies, such as internet usage or data security protocols.

Data Loss Prevention

Monitor for potential data leaks or unauthorized access, protecting sensitive information.

Employee Training and Development

Identify areas for additional training or coaching to enhance skills and performance.

Resource Optimization

Utilize data from screen recordings to optimize resource allocation and improve operational efficiency.

"Implementing employee screen recording software should prioritize transparency and compliance with laws and regulations while respecting employee privacy and trust within the organization."

Setup for Video Screen Recording

Setup Steps for Video Recording:

Step 1

Fostering Transparency, Feedback, and Accountability

1. Logon to https://beinghive.com/ sign up and login

2. Click on Select Users and select the single or required team or full company node by single click & single tick icon and confirm the selection by clicking on the double tick icon

3. Click on the settings icon from the workboard, Select a second icon (for face, Live streaming, and Screenshot Recording settings icon) & Turn ON the settings and

4. Select checkbox or employee checkbox to whom need to apply the settings.

5. Enable screenshot recording and set time interval or randomize time.

6. Enable Live screen streaming to view live work.

7. Enable face snap recording and set time interval or randomize time.

8. Save the setting by clicking on the double tick.Note: After applying settings data recordings will get started, you can see screenshots for the same day.

Step 2

1. To check the employee's live status, click the Surfing Man icon on the Live Status Card, as depicted in the image.

Fostering Transparency, Feedback, and Accountability

2. Click on the required employee's name tile.

Fostering Transparency, Feedback, and Accountability

3. Click on the single tick to confirm the employee and click on the selected employee icon from the taskbar. (Note: the all icon colors should appear like employee icon colour)

Fostering Transparency, Feedback, and Accountability

4. Select date interval
You have to select from date to end date.
You will get the all screen shot for selected date of an employee.

Fostering Transparency, Feedback, and Accountability

5. Click on the video recording feature icon
Then video view window will appear on screen.

Fostering Transparency, Feedback, and Accountability

6. A Video Screen Card will appear with the employee's name and date.

7. Click on the play button to watch the video.

8. Screen Maximize and fast forward option available at the right bottom corner to view large-size video

9. You can play back the video.

Fostering Transparency, Feedback, and Accountability

Note: The video recording option is customizable If you want to record full video click on full video during Step 1, 8th point, or if you want to record screen video only while the employee doing an activity select the activity video option.

Implementing Stats Screen Recording software

Certainly! Here are the steps for effectively implementing and using Stats screen recording software divided into three main sections:

1: Pre-Implementation Steps

1.Define Purpose and Goals:
Determine the purpose of screen recording, such as productivity monitoring, training, compliance, or security.

2. Choose the Right Software:
Select reputable employee screen recording software like Stats Employee Productivity Monitoring Software that aligns with your goals and complies with privacy regulations.

3. Obtain Consent and Communicate:
Communicate the purpose and scope of screen recording to employees, obtaining written consent where necessary.

2: Implementation Steps

4. Install the Software:
Install the Stats employee productivity monitoring software "Agent Setup" on employees' computers to be monitored by technical team.

5. Configure Settings:
Customize recording settings to align with your objectives, choosing what to record and when.

6. Schedule Recording:
Set up recording schedules if required.

7. Monitor in Real-Time (Optional):
Utilize real-time monitoring if your software supports it.

3: Post-Implementation Steps

8. Access and Review Recordings:
Access recorded videos through the software's interface, reviewing them for alignment with your goals.

9. Maintain Data Privacy:
Secure recorded data to protect employee privacy and comply with data protection laws. Address employee concerns and use recorded data for training or coaching.

10. Periodic Auditing:
Periodically review the use of screen recording software to ensure it remains effective and ethical.

11. Respect Legal Requirements:
Comply with relevant local, state, and federal laws regarding employee monitoring and data privacy. Monitor and Regularly review company policies to ensure they remain relevant and compliant.

12. Provide Feedback and Encourage Transparency:
Use recorded data to provide constructive feedback to employees and emphasize its use for improvement.

"By putting these strategies into action, employers can cultivate a nurturing and affirmative work environment that mitigates employee burnout and fosters holistic well-being, job contentment, and heightened productivity."

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