"Employee Tracking Software, The System To Track Work Activity "

The easier system to track employee activity

From what time employee actually starts work? the answer to this question is available with proof. Its not only shows when an employee starts work but also it shows the full day work activity in graphical form which we can know from which to which time employee worked actively when she or he took a break or idle. Its shows one employee as well as all employees. Also For multiple employees' activities for a specific day, we can see in a single display card, and for a single employee for multiple days we can see her or his activity in a single activity card.

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Employee activity improves overall productivity


In a big organization, employees divided into team and each team have dedicated manager or leader to monitor team task. The team may be distributed in multiple locations so for the manager, it is difficult to know the activity of team members. Even in the same office, it is not possible to track the activity of each employee. Also, it is difficult to monitor each employee's daily work done. Don't worry, our Employee Tracking System helps the big organizations to overcome this loophole..

  • See all team member activity for a specific day in one card
  • Get specific employee activity for multiple days
  • Know when the employee starts work
  • Know the exact active and idle time slots
  • Better employee engagement and improve productivity

To check activity easy selection of date or period


Direct data or date range selection option available on our workboard, this is the power concept workboard. From the workboard taskbar easily we can select any required date to check any feature for any emplyee.

  • Login to Employee Monitoring Software portal
  • Click over the select date or date range
  • Select the same date two times for single date selection
  • Select the two separate dates for the date range selection
  • After selection of date select employee and see activity using activity card

All employees or team activity monitoring


The manager or team leader can monitor the employee's activities for a single day on a single card. This feature gives the manager or team leader to know their assigned team performance. By observing the activity of all employees on the same day ensures to manager how the team is doing, in graph most active employees events shows with time, also its shows the idle time period and active time period slots.

  • See the same time all employees activity
  • Identify days most active employee
  • Know least active employee on a specific da
  • Get work start time and end time
  • From & to active and idle time period

The importance of employee activity tracking

In the busy work schedule, it is very difficult to monitor all employee's screenshots and all other related monitoring features. Where a large number of employees are working and engaged in the time-bound project productivity plays an important role. Instead of monitoring the other feature from single "Activity" feature card we can know each and every employee activity with a number of events with respect to time. Also, you can identify the exact work start time and end time along with time slots of active and idle time. For the important time saviing and for a quick overview of all employees work, activity cards is very helpful.

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Data security is our main priority

For enterprises we recommend to use your own IT infrastructure by taking our On-premises solution. Enterprise can apply own data security policies for the on-premises solution and ensures your all data security.

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