"Personal PC Monitoring Software"

Monitor your own done task or children activity over PC

Personal PC Monitoring Software is helpful to monitor own work or other work done on own PC. This is the best solution to check children's activities over the PC.
Sometimes it is very difficult to remember what you did on your PC or to know what exactly you did in an activity that causes the issues. To find out your past activity and noticing mistakes and rectifying issues this Personal PC Monitoring Software helps to find out easily. For Children Activity Monitoring and digital parenting this software is useful.

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Features of Personal PC Monitoring Software

Screenshot on every click

Whenever you clicked over anything the software takes the screenshot and saved which we can see within stipulated time. It helps to know self activities did on the PC, which can play like slide show.

Key-press record

Every word type by the keyboard is recorded with enter and backslashes activity, which we can see all or app wise key-presses.

Stealth Mode

Once it install no one can identify or find it in anywhere in computer. Its runs completely stealth mode. It never shows in task manager or program files. It is not created any shortcut or name in all program. So only the owner can open the software when required. No need to start manually it will automatically start and stop upon activity.


On every copy and paste operation it creates images and adds them to the clip board.

Block USB Ports

You can Block USB ports for external storage devices, it will work for the keyboard and mouse though

Block Website

You have the option to block any unwanted website.


No one can access this software without hot key & password.


You can track passwords by setting the password protect off

Sensitive Words Alerts

You can set alerts for sensitive keyword. As and when the user types that particular keyword, you receive a mail alert

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  • Free 15 days trial
  • Screenshots Recording
  • Keystroke Logs
  • Clipboard
  • USB Blocking
  • URL Blocking
  • Double Protection
  • Invisible
  • Keyword alerts
  • Internet not required

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Lifetime Plan For PC


Lifetime per PC

  • For Lifetime Per License Per PC
  • Screenshots Recording
  • Keystroke Logs
  • Clipboard
  • USB Blocking
  • URL Blocking
  • Double Protection
  • Invisible
  • Keyword alerts
  • Internet not required



With the help of Personal PC monitoring software, you can monitor activities performed on your PC when you're away.
The monitoring software can also trace the passwords.

  • Block websites and external storage devices
  • Captures screenshots on every mouse click
  • Captures Key strokes entered from keyboard



Personal PC monitoring software is the best solution to protect your Windows based PC or laptop. On installation you will get a unique hot key and password with which you can operate the software.

  • The program is invisible to the other users
  • Hot key and password can be changed for privacy purposes
  • Data saved safely in own PC

For own PC/Laptop


You can track what your children are doing on the PC in your absence. You can even track what anyone else is doing in your personal PC when you are not there. Even more, specific websites and storage devices can be blocked to avoid loss of personal data.

  • See work history
  • Know the exact time of activity
  • Find out the mistakes

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