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What is the PC Monitoring Software?

PC monitoring software is an application that helps you to supervise the activities that are performed on a personal or employee computer.This software is meant for corporate, for parents and for people who love keeping their laptops/computers safe

Using this software you can monitor your employees’ PC without their knowing that they are being monitored. It helps parents control and monitor what their children can see and do using the computer.

 PC monitoring software

Our monitoring software supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

PC Monitoring comes with two variants

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Employee PC Monitoring

Personal PC Monitoring

Let’s now discuss why the pc monitoring software is important at home and in the office:

At home (Personal Use):

Safeguarding your computer from any harmful viruses would be your first requirement when you think of your personal computer but if you are a parent your child safety is the first priority. Digitization has simplified the world for us but has created multiple troubles as well. As everything else digitization has its own pros and cons and to understand the cons you need to be a certain age and have the maturity to recognize and understand it.

The flip side of this technology being omnipotent is that parents barely understand it and are unable to monitor, guide and help their kids, hence, leaving the channel of the unsafe world open for them. The cases of child abduction by using information through social sites, child abuse on internet, blackmailing etc are increasing day by day and the cybercrime department has shown their concern on the same.

monitoring software
employee pc monitoring softare

At office (Professional Use):

We speak a lot about productivity and work style basis our analysis of the employee data, but how genuine is our data? How can we keep it uninfluenced by favouritisms? How do we take unbiased decisions on appraisals and promotions? Our one point solution could be monitoring software that helps us eliminate all these problems that are caused by manual data.

Monitoring software can be termed as an office monitor for decision makers who may or may not be available on floor or in the office to monitor people closely. It can prove to be a great tool for employee satisfaction and productivity enhancement. Now let’s talk about how will it help you achieve satisfaction and improve productivity?

Using monitoring software to get actual data of the employee time breakup during work hours will help you make unbiased decisions. The best way to achieve employee satisfaction is by giving them the right appreciation at the right time and encouraging them to work hard. It helps you keep an eye on employee’s work schedule, on screen time, work progress, online activities and internet misuse and put necessary restrictions wherever required. This maintains discipline in office and helps improve productivity by leaps and bounds.

Why should we use pc Monitoring Software?

It’s easy: How many people understand various parental controls that are available in different browsers and how many people find it convenient to go from one link to another to apply a simple change in the setting Yes, no one likes complicated ways of doing a task. Computer Monitoring software offers simplification by reducing the number of steps that you need to follow along with multiple features. The software is easy to understand and defined in the easiest way possible.

parental control monitoring software
child  monitoring software

It makes your world safer

At Home: If you are parents, the first concern for you is your child’s safety, it’s about their safety while playing, when with friends, when at school and at home. But in the 21st century there is more to be concerned about when it comes to protecting your kids and this concern comes with the shift from playground time to digital time. Before this era, a child’s major time was spent on outdoor sports with friend(s) and the second major activity was watching some TV shows. Now-a-days time distribution has changed for kids, its 50% online, 30% offline, 10% sports and 10% studies. These days it has become nearly mandatory to have computer monitoring software at home. Other than monitoring, the software also helps you understand your kids better and know their area of interest. Monitoring software helps you know what your kids are watching online, what attracts them basis which you can guide them in their life. This monitoring software helps you come close to their social networking groups and know about the content they are sharing online and the groups they are a part of. This way you can foresee any danger that’s coming their way.

 In the office: There is hardly any office without a system these days. The shift from manual to digital has been contagious and has now become a necessity. In such a place a computer monitoring software or employee computer monitoring software is a must. Employee monitoring has its own advantages and disadvantages. Having an employee monitoring software in place may discourage employees and give them a feeling of mistrust and make them feel uncomfortable to work. On the other hand it makes it mandatory for the employees to be active at work and reduce idle time in office. They focus more on work and reduce their total time that’s spent on other unproductive work in the office.

The best way to not annoy your employees and keep them working is by having monitoring software that fits your requirement and runs invisibly. This eradicates any trust issues and you can tweak their work schedules after monitoring them.

Monitoring software gives you the liberty to look into employees work in detail and helps keep the data safe. Despite of having strict safety regulations at work there is an increase in the safety breach cases. According to RBS's analysis, hacking was the common reason for data breaches last year being responsible for 4,508 incidents. This was followed by skimming (453), Web-related leaks (268), phishing (177) and malware (160).

employee monitoring
monitoring pc softwrae activity

 Discipline: Discipline is an important aspect in both professional and personal life. You must be confused thinking about how a monitoring software can bring discipline in people’s life? It certainly can! By using monitoring software you can understand work behaviours of people at home or at work and apply necessary restrictions, if required.

It’s a good way to monitor kid’s time on computer and discipline them on what they are allowed to watch and for how long. It provides you with a platform to connect with your kids by understanding them better and nurturing their skills.

 Network: With employee monitoring software at work, you can see multiple computers at the same time and monitor activities like data sharing/data transfer and other activities like messaging, social media usage and internal communications. Monitoring software gives you the liberty to monitor all computers using your computer and apply restrictions on individual Computer using the monitoring software.

 pc monitoring software activities

 Dependable: Thank god it’s not manual. With the monitoring software you don’t have to worry about switching it on and off. There is always a possibility of human error at work or at home, but when it comes to errors at work it can mean losses. You can rely on Monitoring Software to give you a detailed end to end report of employee activities from the moment their system is turned on till the time they shut it down. You can use this information to take decision on any such losses causing mistakes.

hidden pc monitoring software

If you are interested in trying monitoring software for free, please go to our page https://vkcontrol.com/Product_n_Services and download our free Personal PC Monitoring Software/Employee PC Monitoring Software OR contact us on +91 89560 90451


Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10,2008/2010/2012.32&64 bit OS

record screenshot

Record Screenshot on Every Mouse Click (You can see the all screenshot by date and time on each and every mouse click*)


Record Key strokes on every key press (Whenever required you can see the key pressed* matter for any date and time within the given time period)

clipboard copy paste

Keeping clipboard on copy and paste task (when the copy and paste task is taking place it creates the clip board* which also you can see within given time and date period)

email alert

E-mail alert when set keyword entered (After setting sensitive keyword with your own mail id, if anyone entered these keywords from the PC you will get the alert by e-mail.)

employee monitoring software free

Every program or software access is recorded (It help us to ensure employee productivity by checking what program he is frequently using)

recorded files

Keep record for file created or existing file renamed or deleted (After creating, deleting or renaming each file program keeps record for it, this feature help to track the activity over the files)

block website url

Block website URL (you can block unproductive web URL to increase employee productivity)

pc monitor software

Avoide capturing sensitive passwords like of user like email/bank account/any site or application

PC backend processes are recorded

USB blocking

USB blocking for stick (It help to protect your machines by most of the viruses’ attack, found that viruses entered in to computer mostly by data sticks).

hidden pc monitoring

Totally invisible to computer user (After installation of program, user does not recognize about this program)

task manager

Program does not show in task manager (As in task manager program does not shows in app, no one can stop it)

No icon on desktop and not listed in start menu (As this is not listed in menu list or icon on desktop no one can find out).

HOT kay and password double protection (To open the program program have HOT kay and password combination without this it cannot be open and accessible)


Q 1. Why is a PC monitoring software required for children?

Ans. These days, kids have easy access to hundreds of TV stations and millions of Internet sites. It is very easy to buy or download any video game or app. There's a lot of information out there, some appropriate for your child and some inappropriate, depending on age and maturity level but how do you filter it? How can you know what is good for your child and what is not? To monitor and control your child’s activity on computer you need a monitoring system.

Q 2. How effective is a computer monitoring software in your child’s internet time management?

Ans. Let’s suppose you’ve set your child’s on screen time to 3 hours and further didvided it for various tasks. How will you ensure its implementation. If you are at home you may have chances at implementing the schedule by sitting next to the kids while they are using internet but what about their internet usage control when you are in office or for a piece of work away from home. Here comes into play the role of a computer monitoring software that monitors you kids while you are away from home and keeps you well informed.

Q 3. What are the charges of computer monitoring software? Is it available free of cost?

version and after which you won’t regret spending 2499 + 18% GST for all the computer monitoring software features Q 3. What are the charges of computer monitoring software? Is it available free of cost?

Q 4. Is it right to have Personal computer monitoring software? Does it not prove our mistrust towards our children?

Ans. It is absolutely right to have a monitoring software for your kids. We do not encourage spying on kids but we do believe that as parents or care takers it is better to be aware of kids activities on computer, the stuff they read, things they watch and social activities they are involved in, all need to be monitored. It is very important to make your kids understand what is suitable for them and what is not. The cases of child abduction and child abuse have increased in the recent past because of the unattended and free usage of computers and internet by the kids. It is easy to track location online and CBI has reported increase in cases of child abduction using information through social media sites and sexual abuse cases where children are blackmailed to send progressively exposive pictures of them through internet.

Q 5. Does it help when I am not at home?

Ans. Surely it does! It helps you understand what your children are doing in your absence. The monitoring software is meant to help you monitor and control your child’s internet activity when you are not at home.

Q 6. Does monitoring software help in regulating safety measures?

Ans. It does help you monitor and control any unsafe activity by children. It provides multiple features like email alerts, tracking a folder path, Snapshots of ALL activities done on the computer. Once you know what is that your kids spend more time on, you can restrict their access leaving them confused. You can also have all data as proof in case there is any legality involved.

Q 7. Does monitoring software help in regulating safety measures?

Ans. It does help you monitor and control any unsafe activity by children. It provides multiple features like email alerts, tracking a folder path, Snapshots of ALL activities done on the computer. Once you know what is that your kids spend more time on, you can restrict their access leaving them confused. You can also have all data as proof in case there is any legality involved.

Q 8. What am I getting with Personal PC Monitoring Software?

Ans. With Personal PC Monitoring Software you get: Laptop/computer tracking in stealth mode, Screenshots on every mouse click, Records of all keystrokes, Clipboard of copy and paste activity, Records of all files created, renamed or deleted, Record of all websites visited, all backend processes, record of all content seen using any external storage device, Receive email alerts for set sensitive keywords, Blocking of websites, Blocking port for external storage devices, Data security, customized access for different users.

Q 9. Is one license only valid for one user?

Ans. Yes, one license works for one user/laptop/PC.

Q 10. Do I have to install all updates?

Ans. Yes, you must install all the updates whenever you receive notifications. We are working towards improving our software to provide you the best experience and that’s why it becomes important for you to download and install all updates. It helps you to experience the software in entirety.

Q 11. How do I get license key for Personal PC Monitoring Software?

Ans. After the 7 days free trial, in order to preserve your data and continue using the program a license key is needed.

The license key can be ordered using the ‘Buy’ option in the home screen of the software or from our website Personal PC Monitoring page.

Q 12. I don’t see anything after installation, how to I access the software?

Ans. That’s what the software is meant for. It is in complete invisible mode till you use hot key and password to access the software. On using the hot key, the home screen will appear then enter the default password.

Q 13. How do I install this on my computer?

Ans. To install this software, you need to have the administrator privilege on the computer. Install this software on all the computers you want to monitor

1. Right click on LEM-SetupV3.0.exe and Run as administrator

2. Click on FORWARD button

3.Click on “I accept license agreement” and then forward button

4.Please wait till the installation is complete

5. Use your default hot key and password to open the Personal PC software window (Note: The password is case sensitive)