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Employee pc monitoring software collects different type of user activity data that can be used to track employee behaviour and build good policies to achieve your productivity goals at real time. Employee PC Monitoring Software helps businesses monitor their employee productivity and tasks on PC.

With our monitoring software you can collect actual number of work hours. You can also see the most active employees and their daily patterns of activity.

Our modern tool employee monitoring software is specifically developed with features other than monitoring; you can block specific URLs, block USB ports for external storage devices.

employee pc monitoring software


Ever wondered if your employee worked the entire day? Do you want to know who the most active worker is and what the most efficient work hours are?

If yes, then you surely are at the right page. Employee pc monitoring software gives you insights on your employees activities. While you are monitoring your employees’ productivity, they have no knowledge of the Employee monitoring software installed in their PCs.

With this employee pc monitoring software in place, you need not worry about running the software every day or making storage for storing the data. After the system is turned on the software automatically runs in the back end as well as stores the data by managing the storage space.

The self-managed monitoring software gives you the leisure of sitting back and monitoring all activity even in your absence.

Hot Key Features

What do you get with our Employee PC Monitoring Software?

screenshot click

Screenshots on every click

keystrokes captured

All keystrokes captured

clipboard copy paste

Clipboard of copy & paste task

email sensitive keyword

Email for sensitive keywords

all programs recorded

Access to all programs & software is recorded

file record

Keeps record(s) of new file created

Block website URL's

Block website URLs.

invisible employee monitoring softwrae

Totally invisible to employees

backend processes

PC backend processes are recorded

usb blocking

USB blocking

Protection with hotkey & password

Double Protection with hotkey & password

delete file recover Keeps record of file(s) deleted or renamed

Employee PC Monitoring Software

30 Days Free Trial

  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Invisible to employee
  • Admin can check/monitor from his own PC
  • No need to touch employee PC
  • Not displayed in employee's PC task manager
  • Record screenshot on every mouse click
  • Record text entered by keyboard
  • Copied & Paste file tracking and create clipboard
  • Record for files created/deleted/renamed
  • All visited website captured
  • Any software/program open in PC is recorded
  • Receive logs/alert by e-mail
  • Set e-mail alert for specific keyword
  • Block any website URL
  • Block USB port for pen drive and card readers
  • USB blocking ensures your data safety

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Employee Monitoring Software

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  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Invisible to employee
  • Admin can check/monitor from his own PC
  • No need to touch employee PC
  • Not displayed in employee's PC task manager
  • Record screenshot on every mouse click
  • Record text entered by keyboard
  • Copied & Paste file tracking and create clipboard
  • Record for files created/deleted/renamed
  • All visited website captured
  • Any software/program open in PC is recorded
  • Receive logs/alert by e-mail
  • Set e-mail alert for specific keyword
  • Block any website URL
  • Block USB port for pen drive and card readers
  • USB blocking ensures your data safety
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Firstly, this kind of data helps you to improve decision-making, processes, and productivity. Secondly, you can also decide and block harmful websites. Furthermore, access to company’s confidential data can be limited for each user..

In fact the monitoring software helps you understand your employees on a personal level as well as know how they work when not monitored. It also helps you understand employees' behavior changes in different situations. Moreover our employee monitoring software is completely invisible to the user and doesn’t even show up on task manager. It has no pop ups while the user is performing tasks on their PC keeping it completely confidential.

To try our Employee PC Monitoring Software, please download it from the link given below:

For free trial, download the Employee PC Monitoring Software here Download Free

Our Offline Employee Productivity Monitoring Software

pc monitoring software

To keep your valuable data security, offline environment is the best. Offline Employee Productivity Monitoring Software can be used/accessed on Network, LAN, WAN, MAN or Wireless Network. With a desktop program of employee monitoring software, you can monitor employees’ activities for the entire day. The biggest advantage of our Employee Monitoring Software is that you do not need any Internet connection as it gets much easier to monitor employee’s productivity.


Q 1. Why is an employee pc monitoring required?

Ans. Time tracking is extremely helpful when it comes to productivity management. For example, it can help you understand the most effective hours and by slightly changing the employee day schedule you can improve a lot on the average productivity front.

Q 2. How effective is an Employee PC Monitoring Software in risk management?

Ans. Wouldn’t you like to keep an eye on what’s going on. With the employee monitoring software you can avoid all risks associated with malicious or ignorant behaviour.

Q 3. What are the charges of employee pc monitoring software? Is it available free of cost?

Ans. Yes, it is available free of cost but it is not free😊. You can download our 7 days trial version and after which you won’t regret spending 2999 + 18% GST for all the Employee monitoring features that you will acquire.

Q 4. Is it good to have employee pc monitoring software? Knowing that this will prove mistrust towards employees?

Ans. It’s good to trust your employees but never over trust, it’s always good to verify! Your simple and effective measure strengthens the discipline of workers. The best part is that there is now a monitoring system in market that operates in completely invisible mode and the employee has NO knowledge about the software being auto run in the backend when they turn their PC/Laptop on. This helps you avoid giving explanations to the employee about a monitoring software being installed in their systems.

Q 5. Does it help when I am not in office?

Ans. Surely it does! It helps you understand what your employees are doing in your absence. Are they to be trusted when you’re not in the office or they have the tendency to sit back and relax or do something harmful. You can check all the data for the time you were not available in the office. It helps you know who are the sincere and productive employees.

Q 6. How does it help make unbiased decisions?

Ans. As it helps you understand which is the most productive and sincere lot of employees and who is the dark horse amongst all, you have a better chance at making rightful decisions – appraisals, awards and rewards can all be justified.

Q 7. Does Employee PC Monitoring Software help in regulating safety measures?

Ans. It does help you monitor and control any malicious or unsafe activity in office. It provides multiple features like email alerts, tracking a folder path, Snapshots of ALL activities done on the PC. Once you know which employee has the tendency to breach the safety regulations, you can restrict their access leaving them helpless and confused. You can also collect all data in case there is any legality involved.

Q 8. Is it legal to use Employee PC Monitoring Software on employee’s PC?

Ans. Employers are allowed to monitor employee’s actions on a workplace PC or laptop. Technology exists for the employer to monitor almost any aspect of employee’s computer or workstation use.

Q 9. What am I getting with Employee PC Monitoring Software?

Ans. With Employee Monitoring Software you get: Employee PC tracking in stealth mode, Monitoring employees from your own PC, Screenshots on every mouse click, Recordsof all keystrokes, Clipboard of copy and paste activity, Records of all files created, renamed or deleted, Record of all websites visited, all backend processes, Receive email alerts for set sensitive keywords, Blocking of websites, Blocking port for external storage devices, Data security, customized access for different users.

Q 10. Is the license only valid for one user?

Ans. Yes, one license works for one user. In case you want to monitor 10 employees, you will need to buy 10 licenses.

Q 11. Do I have to install all updates?

Ans. Yes, you must install all the updates whenever you receive notifications. We are working towards improving our software to provide you the best experience and that’s why it becomes important for you to download and install all updates. It helps you to experience the software in entirety.

Q 12. How do I get license key for Employee PC Monitoring Software?

Ans. After the 7 days free trial, in order to preserve your data and continue using the program a license key is needed.

The license key can be ordered using the ‘Buy’ option in the home screen of the software or from our website Employee Monitoring page.

Q 13. I don’t see anything after installation, how to I access the software?

Ans. That’s what the software is meant for. It is in complete invisible mode till you use hot key and password to access the software. On using the hot key, the home screen will appear then enter the default password.

Q 14. How do I install this on my PC?

Ans. To install this software, you need to have the administrator privilege on the computer. Install this software on all the computers you want to monitor.

Right click on LEM-SetupV3.0.exe and Run as administrator

Click on FORWARD button

Click on “I accept license agreement” and then forward button

Please wait till the installation is complete

Use your default hot key and password to open the employee monitoring software window (Note: The password is case sensitive)

Q 15. How to configure repository for Employee PC Monitor?

Ans. 1. Set a shared folder on any one computer to collect data using Administrator account. In this folder, data from all the computers will get collected.

2. Make sure that shared folder is password protected and Administrator has full access.

3. Now let us set this folder as repository for Employee Monitoring Software from settings window, to make sure data is getting collected in this folder.

4. Click on settings button once you are logged in, in Employee Monitor

5. Click on Network button on settings window

6. A dialog box will get opened

7. Click on + button to select shared data you created

8. A dialog box will open with all the machines in available network

9.Select the folder you want to collect data in

10.. Enter user name and password for shared folder. You can also set the time interval for data sync in minutes. For every time interval data will be synced in shared folder for individual machines. Click on "Test" button to make sure settings are correct.

11. If settings are good and there is no error, click on "ok" button as shown below.

12.Once the repository is set, Enable setting to sync data for this computer as show below. Click on Apply button to save your setting changes.

13.To make all the settings to take effect, you need to restart your computer. Click on "Ok" to restart. We need to do these steps for all the computers you are planning to monitor.

Q 16. What are the different types of views available?

Ans. The different types of views available are:

1. Snapshot view

2. Keyboard view

3. Clipboard view

4. Drives and files view

5. Web view

6. Program view

Q 17. Why is my Gmail not getting configured?

Ans. If you are configuring Gmail account, you have to enable the setting 'Access for less secure apps'. To do the same, open link: ttps://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps in browser.